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Week 4, Day 6 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7694I went to stretch for the second day in a row today and I am really enjoying it. The trainer I have had is Mary Beth and it is a very relaxed atmosphere and the stretch also takes away any stress you woke up with. It really helped me out because all of the pool classes from the day before really tired me out and I was very sore.

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Week 4, Day 5 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7691Well I had thought to save most of this for a post on the differences between Niagara and Utah/Malibu but I am a annoyed about it so I will vent now. At both Malibu and Utah there are no other people staying at the resort with you. You are only with guests, staff and trainers, and it is wonderful. You do not have to explain yourself to any other people and better yet other people do not distract the staff from attending to you while you undergo a very stressful and EXPENSIVE life event. In the Niagara resort there are other groups that come and stay and up until this point it has only been a slight annoyance but that has ended.

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Week 4, Day 4 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7690Today was a really good, but really challenging day for me at the resort. I started off waking up at 6AM for no good reason and was really sore from the past two days of working out. I think it is because I have started doing less modifications to my exercises like push ups and it is taking a toll on my muscles while they adjust. It is a good sore, not debilitating, but omnipresent. I really pushed myself hard despite the soreness, and worked out harder than I thought I could.

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Week 4, Day 3 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7668I had the thought that I am going to run out of things to say about the food and workouts pretty soon. I have gone through all of the descriptions of both food and workouts and I have already had all the food from this week in my first week here. I missed the week two menu items. Just a warning from this point on if your are anxiously awaiting new and exciting foods. If I come back during a menu change I will make sure to mention it in this section.

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At Home Day 6 – Different Screaming Belt + Loop

IMG_7637So the good news is today I fit back into my original screaming belt loop belt. The one that is up at the top of the webpage there… It is still screaming because of my up and downs, but I am glad to be back to it. I think when I get to the last loop on this belt I am going to frame it and put it above my refrigerator to remind me to always keep my lifestyle in check. I am glad to be able to keep my pants from falling off now, but I hope I get down to the next belt loop soon. I think that is a goal for me while I am at the resort the next two weeks. One more belt loop!

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At Home Day 5 – The Only One At the Spinning Class

So today I woke up and after I dropped the children at school I went straight to the gym for BodyPump class. I increased my weight a bit from last time since I was not sore from the first class. I am trying to find a good middle ground and make sure that I get a good workout, but that I do not destroy my workouts for the rest of the week. I know I pushed it hard in class because my shirt was super sweaty by the end.

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At Home Day 3 – The New Deal…

IMG_7637I have kept up my 6:30am wake up time that I established at the resort. I have found that even though I could get all the kids stuff ready and them to school by waking up at 7, that this works better. I feel like I have time to breath in the morning now, rather than being rushed through everything. I make their food and mine before I even wake them, and this allows for a more orderly and less stressed eating environment. I am not sure if it helps the kids or myself more, but I am enjoying it. I think my wife likes having her breakfast made for her (if she is waking up at all,) and I like having the time to cook and not just open packages. Having eggs, toast and fruit is much better than opening up a quick breakfast bar as I run out the door.

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Day 18: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7584The main thing on my mind today was the rest of my stays at the resort and getting organized for my week at home coming up. I spoke with my wife and found out that my last set of two weeks in October were now going to have to go down to just a one week stay because of a complication of her work schedule. At first I was kind of stressed since I had just decided that I liked the spacing of the weeks. The good news is I had scheduled a life coaching session with Teresa to help me get organized and she help me plan out the rest to my weeks with little changes.

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