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At Home Day 5 – The Only One At the Spinning Class

So today I woke up and after I dropped the children at school I went straight to the gym for BodyPump class. I increased my weight a bit from last time since I was not sore from the first class. I am trying to find a good middle ground and make sure that I get a good workout, but that I do not destroy my workouts for the rest of the week. I know I pushed it hard in class because my shirt was super sweaty by the end.

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At Home Day 4 – Only Doing One Cardio Class Is Rest?

IMG_7640This morning I made a quick parfait out of leftover berries, honey and greek yogurt. Tasty and super fast, and then it was out the door with the kiddos and my gym clothes and spinning gear. I went in this morning to spin class with a mission. I wanted to make sure that my shoes did not malfunction, and that I really pushed my cardio. Previously it has been matters of surviving the pain, and today I wanted to make it more and more about the workout. I have to say I was successful and my daily workout got checked off real early.

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At Home Day 3 – The New Deal…

IMG_7637I have kept up my 6:30am wake up time that I established at the resort. I have found that even though I could get all the kids stuff ready and them to school by waking up at 7, that this works better. I feel like I have time to breath in the morning now, rather than being rushed through everything. I make their food and mine before I even wake them, and this allows for a more orderly and less stressed eating environment. I am not sure if it helps the kids or myself more, but I am enjoying it. I think my wife likes having her breakfast made for her (if she is waking up at all,) and I like having the time to cook and not just open packages. Having eggs, toast and fruit is much better than opening up a quick breakfast bar as I run out the door.

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Day 10: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7245A couple of really great things happened today, the first was that my ass did not hurt too much in spin class, and the second was a fun trip to Target. It is amazing that by my third spin class my ass is already getting to be numb enough to focus on the workout and not just enduring the pain. I was so excited by the prospect of enjoying spinning that I bought pants and shoes on amazon. I am not sure how big guy padded spandex bike pants are going to fair in the public eye here, but some may be jealous? If I can get into spinning then I know I have a great workout back home and a class that I can go to.

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