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Day 24 post resort, Still in Phoenix and survived climbing Piestewa peak, my anniversary, and spicy southwestern cuisine.

I did a 1.2 mile vertical climb of Piestewa peak today around 8am, and it wasgreat, and fairly difficult. Most of the hikes I did at the resort were a good incline, but not up uneven rock stairs. I burned around 1300 calories on the hike and was at it over an hour and a half up and back. Really great feeling of accomplishment once I did it. Made me feel a little better about how I have been eating my dinners out here.

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At Home? On my way to Phoenix! Day 23 post biggest loser resort!

Well I hate to go to the airport, but once I am through security it is great! I love to travel and going to Phoenix with my wife for a conference and it just happening to be our anniversary on the 3rd is great news! The day went splendidly (up till the end, but more on that later) since we went in Indianapolis early to do our taxes and we are getting a refund (YAY! Not paying is good for us) and that just made the day even better. Once we were through security it was smooth sailing with our nonstop flight. Good news is that the flight was comfortable for a change with all the weight I have lost. I used to need a seatbelt extender which was embarrassing but no more! Jen even mentioned how much more room we had. We got saddled with a chatter in our third seat who would talk to me across Jen who was watching a movie but such is life we survived!

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At home day 22, Good workout, and last day before a mini vacation!

Well foremost on my mind today is that I am going to a conference with my wife on Wednesday without the kids till Sunday! That is exciting when you are a parent/stay at home dad. I am going to be good on my diet, but I will have a cheat day while on vacation, but I will try to keep it from becoming a binge or overdoing it. I have already looked up some hikes in Phoenix, AZ where we will be and can’t wait to get back to hiking. It is weird that I miss it so much but I do, the hikes out in Malibu were great and I hope that the weather is similar here and I can get in some good ones.

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