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The final days of the first leg of my trip, days 33, 34 and 35!

Well yesterday was day 35 and that is it for this liquid/juice fast.  The last three days were a blur, but the good news is that in 35 days I lost 38.2 pounds.  I will take a little over a pound a day anytime!  This fast had definitely had it’s ups and downs, but overall I became used to it and it became a part of my life.  I would like to thank Joe Cross and his movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for giving me the idea and his website forums for helping me through this process.  Though it was my willpower, it was most assuredly their words of encouragement that helped me through this.  I also want to thank Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer for all the great podcasts and comedy that helped push me over the edge to want to make a change.  Joe’s kale shakes were what got me on the road to thinking about meal replacements, and Bert just did his own liquid cleanse and has talked about healthy choices on the podcast many times. (Click continue reading for me!)

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Days 30, 31 and 32 – Finally a drop!

The last three days have gone by crazy fast. As far as weight loss goes I was plateaued at around 317 for all three days until this morning as I post the blog post on day 33! I am down to 315 and that was my goal for the first juice fast so I am pretty pumped. I still have today (Saturday) till Tuesday morning when I break my fast, so 4 more days!!! I have had some ups and downs with the fast over these days I am sad to report.(Click continue reading for more)

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Days 26 and 27 – The excitement grows

Well I am closing in on the end of my first long term juice/liquid session and things are still going great. This morning (Monday my 28th day/Sept. 2) I weighed in at 317.6 which is 35.2 pounds in a touch over 27 days. The results are slightly better than expected, and my mood is still great.(Click continue reading for more)

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Days 24 and 25 – Onward and Downward

Well it has been a couple of days, but I have still been plodding along through my liquid/juice fast. The last couple of days I have pretty much been spot on. I am happy to report that on both Thursday and Friday I did a 9.5 mile ride at about 12MPH! That is pretty good, and on Friday I did a separate weight training workout in the gym with my trainer. I am feeling great and the weight is still dropping off. Today is Saturday (morning) as I write this and I weighed in this morning and have dropped down to 319.6 which is 32.2 pounds down total in a touch over 25 days! (Click continue reading for more)

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Day 23 – Nice Dinner No Cheat!

As of the morning of my day 24 I am down another 1.6 pounds putting my total weight loss so far at 29.2 pounds! Every time the scale drops I get a little more excited as I edge closer to my goals. It has definitely been a great experience doing this experiment with my diet. Consuming liquids for 23 days has taught me that I can keep myself from overeating and control my cravings. Controlling my cravings, in of itself, is a great lesson. (click continue reading for more)

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Day 17 – Going in the right direction…

Best news of the day when I woke up is that I am down to 326.6! That is 2.4 pounds from the morning of the day 17. I am glad to see that I am still going to see some decent surges after my plateaus. It is really motivating and keeps me on the right track with this sort of diet/reboot. It is not easy, but one of the great benefits is the fairly consistent drops in my weight. I have now lost 26.2 pounds as of my 18th morning on this juice/liquid fast. That is pretty good as far as I am concerned. (click continue reading for more)

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Day 16 – Still going, progress slowing

Well the good news is day sixteen went well, and I stayed juicing. I made some fruit juice in the morning, had some veggie/fruit for lunch and dinner was carrot juice soup. I woke up this morning and weighed 329 so I am down .8 pounds. Progress is probably going to continue at the .2-.5 a day mark from here on in and I just need to get used to that. (click continue reading for the rest of the post)

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Day 15 Halfway and meh..

Feeling kind of blah today for the typical reason when you only consume liquids… My weight did not move yesterday. I was the same weight today as I have been for the last two days which I know should not bum me out but I feel like a little movement each day is my right considering the liquids I consume. This is my first two day plateau and I guess it is good practice for the 3, 4 and weeklong plateau that are to come. This liquid reboot is much easier to take when the scale moves daily (which it ususally does,) but when your wheels just spin it get depressing quickly.

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