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At Home Day 6 – Different Screaming Belt + Loop

IMG_7637So the good news is today I fit back into my original screaming belt loop belt. The one that is up at the top of the webpage there… It is still screaming because of my up and downs, but I am glad to be back to it. I think when I get to the last loop on this belt I am going to frame it and put it above my refrigerator to remind me to always keep my lifestyle in check. I am glad to be able to keep my pants from falling off now, but I hope I get down to the next belt loop soon. I think that is a goal for me while I am at the resort the next two weeks. One more belt loop!

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Days 30, 31 and 32 – Finally a drop!

The last three days have gone by crazy fast. As far as weight loss goes I was plateaued at around 317 for all three days until this morning as I post the blog post on day 33! I am down to 315 and that was my goal for the first juice fast so I am pretty pumped. I still have today (Saturday) till Tuesday morning when I break my fast, so 4 more days!!! I have had some ups and downs with the fast over these days I am sad to report.(Click continue reading for more)

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At the airport about to fly to Malibu!

Well this has been a very up and down week. I am glad I lost the weight before I got to camp, but my eating the last few days and my workout have been off. Thursday I was on point with eating and doing a treading session in the gym, but I took my daughter to Kentucky on Friday so my parents could keep her while I go to camp, and it happens to be a big weekend in Lexington since the UK Wildcats were in the final four.

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12 days till resort: Off the wagon and on the wagon

Not going to dwell on it but last night I ate dinner to avoid eating out when we went to a birthday party out of town.  Well that plan backfired as I ate off of a couple of appetizers and a small piece of birthday cake.  I am once again disappointed and it seem like my blog is becoming a pattern of unhealthy choices rather than healthy.

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21 days until resort: Where did the last 3 days go?

It has been a busy three days and I apologize for not at least getting on here and explaining that.  I plan to post at least 3 food reviews this week, and maybe something new. =)  Anyway, back to the last three days.  I have had my father in law in town, driven to Cincinnati, driven to Trotwood, OH and driven to Muncie , IN!  On top of that I went out on Saturday to see Battle LA, and I sort of liked it.  More on that in a little bit.  This has been a weekend of high ups and some low downs, and I am sad to say I have waited so long long I am not even able to remember it all.

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Day 28 post resort, How many times does it take… ?

How many times does it take to succeed? As many as it takes is the only answer I can come up with. This week has been very challenging for some reason, and I am not sure if it is kid related stress or what. The kids seem to be going crazy from 3-4:30 and it seems to make me go all crazy ravenous on whatever is close at hand. Starting a cycle like this is extremely depressing especially after having so much success. You just expect things to march right along and you get stuck. I feel like I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere and I only have my weak will to blame. I keep saying tomorrow will be better, and I workout and then BAM I just blow up again. It never gets easier, you just get better at planning for it and continue trying. That is all I can do.

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Day 28 post resort, A workout and a small binge…

The day started out great!  I took my son to school and my daughter to the gym.  I did a treading class that was more difficult starting at 10 minutes with 5 minute downtime then going 9,5,8,5,7,5,6,5,5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1.  It was a long workout but I burned 800 calories.  That was a great beginning to the day, but it did not finish on such a high note.

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Day 25 post resort, One more hike up and down Piestewa, shopping and another good dinner on my wife’s work.

Well each day is better out here.  I did another hike up and down Piestewa, and now I believe I have the name correct.  The peak has a very interesting history and you should check it out at Wikipedia.  I enjoy that hike and it is challenging for me since it is straight up.  I burned almost 1300 calories again which is great considering how we eat out here.  We have a scale in the room so I have been checking and have neither gained nor lost which is ideal considering how things are going out here.  I am going to hit it hard when I go home.

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