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At Home Day 6 – Different Screaming Belt + Loop

IMG_7637So the good news is today I fit back into my original screaming belt loop belt. The one that is up at the top of the webpage there… It is still screaming because of my up and downs, but I am glad to be back to it. I think when I get to the last loop on this belt I am going to frame it and put it above my refrigerator to remind me to always keep my lifestyle in check. I am glad to be able to keep my pants from falling off now, but I hope I get down to the next belt loop soon. I think that is a goal for me while I am at the resort the next two weeks. One more belt loop!

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Hard post to write, but have to get it out of the way

Well I was not successful in maintaining my juice/liquid fast in New York. I could have, there was plenty of fresh juice all over the place. In the end I was slightly weak and decided to enjoy all of the new social experiences with food as well. The wedding was beautiful and I loved meeting some great new people. I will have you know I am back in the saddle as of today. (Click continue reading for more…)

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Back from Vacation, the good and the bad. Juice Fast 2 Day 1

Well the good news is that I had a fantastic time with my family. We were active everyday going to the beach, walking, and riding bikes 5+ miles a few days with our kids on the back of them. It was a blast and I feel very refreshed. The bad news is that I was totally off any sort of any sensible eating. I did not binge, but I did indulge in desserts, high fat foods and eating out quite a bit. I gained a little over 9 pounds in about 9 days! (Click continue reading for more…)

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Days 30, 31 and 32 – Finally a drop!

The last three days have gone by crazy fast. As far as weight loss goes I was plateaued at around 317 for all three days until this morning as I post the blog post on day 33! I am down to 315 and that was my goal for the first juice fast so I am pretty pumped. I still have today (Saturday) till Tuesday morning when I break my fast, so 4 more days!!! I have had some ups and downs with the fast over these days I am sad to report.(Click continue reading for more)

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Where does the time go?!

Well I have once again been missing in action on my blog. This is probably not helping my readership. Hopefully there are still some of you out there that aren’t just family and friends. This is the time I hope I can document and send people back to read to know that we all struggle. I am working through it. I have decided that when I get back from Fitbloggin things are going to have to fundamentally change. I am having extreme issues at night controlling my binge urges. I think it is time to seek a little therapy out and get a personal trainer. I need to find someone I am accountable to other than myself to help spur me along. The things I keep thinking are going to motivate me and keep me on the straight and narrow are not working.

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Day 3 Post Vacation: _Insert Pseudo witty daily title_

Not too much to say today, I am taking tomorrow and Saturday off from working out for the Derby and to recover from all my kettlebell work I have been doing. My running is taking a hit since my legs are sore daily from all the kettlebell swinging I am doing. I need to work on running some more since I am doing a 5k in a couple of weeks and I don’t want to give the fat guy in gym class time I am used to for it.

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Day 7 through 13 at home: Catching and keeping up, oh and sorry it has been so long!

Not going to use the typical format so that I can once again catch everyone up. It has been far from a perfect little stretch here as far as eating has gone, but the workouts have been going from good to great. I have started doing every other day kettlebell sessions and doing 50 reps and about 5-8 sets of 2 handed swings mixed in with some one handed swings and some modified squats. On top of that I have been doing some single treadings again. When I get back from Orlando in about 10 days I will be getting back on the couch to 5k wagon to prepare myself for fitbloggin.

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At home day 3, Tuesday: Sad to say but I hit a new low today

Well I have rushed through but I have caught up, and I feel I really needed to since I just did something I never thought I would do. I had an early dinner with the kids and proceeded to binge on leftover birthday cake. This alone would be bad, but the worse thing is that I was so disgusted with myself I made myself puke the cake back up. It is difficult to share something like that considering I know how many friends and family read this, but it is something I need to do. I have never done something like that, and definitely will not again. It is a sad feeling to have to lose control that bad. I never before thought I was capable of that, but again I see how far I have to go. I called Jen and she is going to get the cake out of the house tonight, but I obviously have a ton of work to do.

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