What does the Screaming Belt Loop even mean?

I noticed while I was at FitBloggin and here at home when I tell people my website name they kind of have a momentary blank look.  I know they are thinking, “I wonder why he chose such an odd name.”  Well there is a very tiny back story to that.

I have lost 100 pounds two times before and I have lost 71 pounds here semi recently.  Have you ever thought about what the means for my wardrobe?  Or if you are already overweight and have yo-yo ed yourself you probably know exactly what it means.  I have a HUGE wardrobe of different clothes for different weights.  However, one day I noticed that I almost always had the same belt and it looked pretty damn sad.

Why did the belt loop look sad?  Well simply put it is the first part of my wardrobe to notice that I was in weight gain denial.  Those poor belt loops all up and down my belt have been subjected to a horror that few pieces of clothing ever have to endure.  Every time I gain weight the first thing I do is go back to the same belt loop over and over as if to say, “Gee, I still fit in this belt loop, everything is ok!”  When in fact I am stretching out the poor leather to the point at which it wants to… Wait for it… Wait for it… SCREAM!

Seriously though, it is just a very visual way of seeing the denial and yo yo cycle I have been going through the last few years.  Hopefully I can leverage the feelings I have about going up and down, to just going ummm down?   Knowing the torture I put that leather through and seeing it on a daily basis and always thinking about the web name lets me know where I have been and where I need to go.  I want to reach my goal, and retire this poor old belt that has been hurt so much the last few years.

Does that all make sense?  Comment and let me know!