Day 20, Saturday, a day for hiking and relaxation

January 30, 2011

Today was a great day except for a little bit of soreness in my legs during my hike.  I enjoyed the hike and afterwards I went to lunch with Cody and Debbie.  We went to a place called Islands which is known for it’s burgers.  Before you get all worried I ate off their light menu and had spicy chicken tacos in corn tortillas, and a small bowl of tortilla soup.  It was about 300 more calories than the planned meal, so I guess I hit 1500 calories today… Oh no!  Seriously though it was fine.  I did get a chance to buy some more propel, but now I am worried that it has sucralose (splenda) in it and I am going to have to talk to the dieticians again about that.  I believe the non zero calorie propels did not have it.  Anyway, I will update when I figure it out.

Graduation night was both sad and happy as soooo many people are leaving.  I will miss them all, but I have already increased my facebook friends by a TON.  I know many of us will keep in touch and continue to motivate each other to attain our goals.  I am going to try to get Teri to give me the quote she read at graduation tonight.  It was very inspiring, and I think people could benefit from it.  We also were serenaded by Sara who used to sing opera.  She is truly amazing.  I have two videos of her singing on our hike (one after a very vigorous ascension.  You should check them out in my picasa album.

I walked 14,800 steps and 7.5 miles and burned 4,594 calories via my fitbit

Watch Calories burned: 1361 calories

I took the watch off before lunch today so that is why it was so low.  Today’s only activity for me was a hike since it is Saturday.

Hike and Exercise:
The hike I chose for Saturday was Solstice.  It is a challenging hike, but also one of the most scenic ones.  It is only difficult in the beginning and it is a nice loop trail so you don’t have to go back the way you came and that is very nice.  One of our treats this hike was Sara agreed to sing if all of her group made it up to the chimney on the second half of the hike and she did not disappoint.  She did some opera singing at the top and down at the creek for others.  Our hiking guide Mikaela pushed the button on her walkie talkie so everyone could hear.  It was amazing.  I have videos of it she allowed me to post.

It was a great hike day, Sara also sang for our graduation at our request and it was amazing to watch the kitchen staff and everyone come out to watch.

As far as the rest of the day I took it easy and plan to do nothing till Monday and recuperate.

Since breakfast was the peach smoothie I opted for eggs and toast.  The smoothie is not so great in my opinion.  For lunch I went out with Cody and Debbie and had corn tortilla spicy chicken tacos and tortilla soup at Islands for about 850 calories.  Dinner was salisbury steak with mashed sweet potatoes and veggies.  It was a good food day even though I got to 1500-1600 calories.  That is still diet level. =)  I won’t mention what Cody and Debbie had but it looked delicious!


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