Day 17, hump day 3, not all downhill this week from here I fear.

January 27, 2011

Well of the positive side I have been told throughout my three weeks that I am inspiring in classes and of late on the hikes.  Aside from the compliment and ego boost it feels good to know that my hard work is helping others here push through the pain.  It is definitely one of the toughest things I have done so far in my life.  The most difficult thing is going to be carrying on once I leave.  I will lose between 28 and 40 pounds here, but I still have another 100 pound journey at home.  I am actually eager to get started, both because I miss my amazing family and friends, and because I am eager for the challenge for some weird reason.

One the slight negative side I fear I have overbooked training this week and it is affecting my classes.  Today I trained with Megan and my core was already sore from kettlebell training, and my Monday core class.  I was unable to perform many exercises as well as I would have expected.  This did not mean I didn’t get a ton out of the class.  I really burned a ton of calories and Megan is amazing at modifying her difficult routines.  I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment once completed.  I did end up pulling a muscle in my quad again and that has me a little worried about Thursday.  I have Sam at lunch on Thursday and I am truly scared of the workout he has planned considering how sore I am.

My advice if you come here is to get personal training two times a week with someone that is going to push your boundaries.  Once on Tuesday and once on Friday.  It will help you see how much further you can push yourself in your classes here, and it will not overdo it.  I know next week I am going to tone it down so I can go home uninjured. =)

I walked 18,689 steps and 9.9 miles and burned 5,388 calories via my fitbit

Watch Calories burned: 3868

Hike and Exercise:
Wednesday the hike was Solstice.  I did this on my first Wednesday here at camp and it was fairly tough.  The beginning of the hike is straight up for about 15 minutes.  The first week I was here I was in the back of my group and this time I was in the front.  It is a good feeling to be able to gauge your progress on the hikes and enjoy them rather than dread them.  I loved the hike today since it is one of the more scenic ones, and the only gripe I had was we didn’t go up to the chimney at the end of the hike which is up another hill.  It ended sooner than usual for me and I wanted to burn some more calories.  Weird to feel that way, but I guess at the three week mark you are ready to push on through.  The guides were great and my group is fun this week.

As far as other classes, I had stretch in the morning with Sam which was a good calories burner.  After the hike I had stretch with Mikaela and she does a very low impact relaxing stretch class which is what I definitely needed.  Next I had a workout with Megan in a personal training session.  Dan and Rebecca were in my session and they actually got more punishment than I sense my core was not holding me up.  My last three classes I went to were two pool classes and a kickboxing class.  I did the second pool class because I had pulled my quad and pool does not hurt it as much as Mountain.

For breakfast I had my eggs and toast, which I really enjoy and could eat everyday.  The actual breakfast was Muesli which is oatmeal and granola mixed.  Lunch was Green Pizza which I really enjoyed.  They do a good job making their bread into crispy little pizza things.  Dinner was one of my favorites, they call it a cafe chicken salad, but I will could it a mexican chicken soft shell salad or something.  Having that tortilla, beans, chicken, lettuce and green salsa is great.  The dessert was mango sorbet which is decent enough.


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Day 16, Kettlebells and Beaches… Day 18, I thought it was supposed to be easier at the end of the week?

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  • 1. Josh and Megan  |  January 27, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    You did AN amazing job during our session!!! For being sore, you still pushed through some of the HARDEST workouts!!!


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