Day 16, Kettlebells and Beaches…

January 26, 2011

Today I was a bit sore because of the kettlebell training I did with Michael yesterday.  He is a pretty amazing trainer and all around nice person.  One thing about this place is that the people that work here are both positive and really well qualified.  Here are some of his YouTube videos doing kettlebell demonstrations:

And finally this one is not with a kettlebell but it is pretty amazing…

20909 steps taken, 11.22 miles traveled, and 5210 calories burned.

Watch calories burned: 3863 calories

Hike and Exercise:
I did the beach hike once again today, but the tide was low so it was a better hike.  I really do not like walking in the sand that much even though it is good exercise because of all the sand build up in my shoes.  Since I tape my feet I don’t want to take them off to walk barefoot through the first part of the hike so by the time I reach the hills I have large amount of sand under my toes.  The sand makes my toes sore while walking and it get annoying.  I did great on the hike and burned about 1100 calories.  I went through it about as fast as I ever have and we made it back to campus in no time.

As far as exercise for the day went I did a personal training with Michael and then went to a lecture on eating out.  I did two pool classes and did not do total toning since I had already worked my muscles out so thoroughly in my personal training.  The last class of the day was cardio intervals with Sam and I beat myself down in that class.  I actually ran at 6.5 mph for a minute which is quite a bit of moving for my size.

For breakfast I had the standard eggs and toast I have grown to love.  The other option was a muffin which just does not fill me up enough for the hike.  Lunch was parsnip soup which I thought was great with some extra seasoning, and a turkey sandwich.  Dinner was veggie lasagna with chocolate strawberries for dessert.  Strawberry night is a big deal around here.


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Sunday, a weigh in, a football game, and rest… Day 17, hump day 3, not all downhill this week from here I fear.

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