Sunday, a weigh in, a football game, and rest…

January 24, 2011

Well since Sundays are a day of rest the usual format is out the window.  I had eggs and toast for breakfast, and we got a sack lunch.  The sack lunch did not look that good, but that wasn’t a problem because…  Dan took us off campus to go watch the Bears v. Packers game.  We had some problems getting in at the first sports bar, but soon found Yankee Doodles.  I give them an A+ for screen visibility, and a D- on service.  They had one waitress working our 20 table section it seemed.

Anyway, for our lunches Dan and Nancy had turkey burgers and I opted for basic chicken fajitas with corn tortillas (No rice, beans, cheese, sour cream.)  They had told us in a class to always opt for the corn tortillas since they are 50-65 calories a piece and that works great for me because I prefer them.  Basically I just filled them with chicken, onion, green pepper and some salsa.  It was great and I felt happy about being out and making the right choice.  There were no beers, but plenty of diet coke.

After watching the Bears’ pitiful performance we went back to campus and I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  One last thing to mention was that I weighed in the morning and had lose 11 more pounds which brought me to 14.4 in two weeks.  Also, I have gone to my third belt loop (from barely being at the first) and that is amazing to me too.  I think I have readjusted what I thought I was going to lose, but my fitness level and measurements are doing great!

Anyway, back to class since I am writing this on Monday, I definitely miss have Kent around.  Seeing people you get to know leave when you have time left is never pleasant.  Hope everyone else is doing well!

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