Saturday, Day 13 is here, let there be some rest!

January 24, 2011

Today was a very relaxed day all around.  There was some working out, but for the most part it was calm.  I went to see a movie after graduation with some friends here and that felt great.  I did have some diet pepsi, but no popcorn or candy.  We saw the Dilemma and another of our group who had seen it went and saw True Grit. I had already seen that one so it worked out that the movies were on at the same time and were the same length.  After that we got back to the rooms and one of the friends I went to the movie with graciously helped me get the splinter out of my hand.  As of today (monday) it is feeling great!

I walked 16,656 steps and 7.8 miles and burned 4,641 calories via my fitbit

Watch calorie measurement: N/A

Hike and Exercise:
The hike on Saturday was Paramount Ranch, owned by the similarly named studio.  It has a small western town built in it where some westerns (Josey Wales,City Slickers) have been filmed.  It was a pretty easy hike and there were 31 people.  The pace was relaxed and we stopped quite a few times for head counts.  I think I only burned like 700 calories on that hike.  It was good though because I got to chat with Dan and Ken, and Ken was leaving the very next day.  The class after the hike was a water class and then we were free!

For breakfast I once again opted for eggs and toast with a little organic ketchup.  For lunch Dan took me to a restaurant on the beach and it was tough, but we were as good as the restaurant allowed.  I had a salmon fillet and about 6 bites of mashed potatoes.  The view was amazing and it was nice to get out.  We also went down to Venice Beach and bought some things to take back for our families.  It was a good outing all in all and I was proud of how good I was off campus.  As I keep telling people you have to be able to live when you leave here.  People aren’t going to hand you these meals forever.  Dinner was back on the ranch and was BBQ chicken and veggies.  It was good with hot sauce (as are most things.)


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FRIDAY! day 12 and only a half day on Satuday and it is time to rest! Sunday, a weigh in, a football game, and rest…

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