Week 4, Day 7 And Week 5, Day 1 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

December 13, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/21 – 9/22/13)

IMG_7717So Saturday I signed up to do the 4 mile run/walk in Arcade, NY despite the forecast of rain and guess what happened?  Yeah, it rained an amazing amount on us and it was breezy and cold.  It was a pretty miserable four mile walk since I was in shorts and a t-shirt that were both soaked and adding extra weight to my every step.  I was lucky that my soaked through shoes did not make any of my blisters worse.  It was a little frustrating because the police and race workers started closing the race (taking signs and cones down) as the last 20 people were coming in.  The last 10 people did not even have cones of a finish line to speak of and I thought that was very unprofessional since it was only an extra 30 minutes to let them finish.  Regardless, I was happy to have finished it and get back to a nice warm hot tub at the resort.

I spent the rest of Saturday shooting some baskets in the pool solo.  It was not a real workout, but after freezing the thought of doing a last chance workout late in the day was very unappealing.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon hanging out with some of my new friends in the lodge watching football and having pleasant conversations.  Graduation was short and sweet, and I was glad to get my comments back from other guests for four weeks worth of graduations.  People wrote me some really nice things and I am going to focus on writing comments for people at graduation my remaining weeks.  I have been lax in that, and need to change the behavior.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day, I did a little time in the hot tub after breakfast and then 5 of us went to see a movie (Riddick) at the Galeria Mall in Buffalo.  It was a funny movie, though I think that is not what they were setting out for.  We had a good time and I had a few M&Ms (12) and a Coke Zero which I thoroughly enjoyed and deserved!  It feels good to have a treat and exercise control over it.  I also neglected to mention that my weight loss for the week was 6.5 pounds and I gained almost a full pound of muscle.  Definitely was a great week all things considered.



Not too terribly much to report here, as I mentioned above I walked the 4 miles and did some basketball in the pool on Saturday.  Otherwise walking around the mall was the extent of my exercise on Sunday.



IMG_7723My breakfast on Saturday was the fruit parfait since I knew I was not going to be taxing myself too much.  Lunch was butternut squash soup and chicken and polenta for the entree.  The chicken and polenta was good once again, but only with liberal use of hot sauce, mustard and pepper.  Dinner was the pulled turkey enchilada casserole that I made at home and it was awesome as always.  It is a top five favorite for me.  Dessert was also amazing since it was peanut butter chocolate fudge!

On Sunday breakfast was the usual cereal, and it was not as good as I remembered.  There were no sweetened quinoa puffs in it so the sweetness I was used to was missing.  Lunch was a sack lunch consisting of a turkey wrap, gluten free cookie and sugar snap peas (also scored a hard boiled egg and plum for a snack.)  I love the turkey wrap, and the rest was just decent.   As I mentioned above I had 12 peanut M&Ms and a coke zero at the movie.  I also had a snack of half of the coconut macaroon larabar which is phenomenal.  Dinner was the chicken curry with brown rice with chocolate pudding for dessert.  Very filling dinner and the change in flavors was much appreciated.

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Week 4, Day 6 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

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