Week 4, Day 6 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

December 12, 2013

Comments/Thoughts (9/20/13):

IMG_7694I went to stretch for the second day in a row today and I am really enjoying it.  The trainer I have had is Mary Beth and it is a very relaxed atmosphere and the stretch also takes away any stress you woke up with.  It really helped me out because all of the pool classes from the day before really tired me out and I was very sore.

I was really proud of myself that I finished the hike in the first group of people today (not the fastest hiking group here, but we beat that group back.)  The hike was very difficult for me because of soreness from the pool and my quadriceps are very weak from all of the spin classes I took on Wednesday.

It felt good to get to another Friday and know that I really have given it my all this week.  This week I started doing real push ups and a few other modifications have come out of exercises.  I have also noticed that this week my upper body is more sore than my lower body which is a first at the resort.  I have had sore shoulders, back and arms all week and I think it is all the extra core work and basketball.  It is nice to know there are still some extra levels I can kick it up here!


IMG_7706Today we did the Letchworth hike and as I mentioned above I did it pretty much nonstop.  I cannot say that the steps were any easier since my legs are so blown out from spinning, but I did make it up them nonstop!  After lunch I played around in the pool for about 30 minutes and then it was on to spinning class.  I once again did back to back spinning classes today to give my back and shoulders a rest since the other option was strength circuit.  It is amazing how completely soaked my shirt is in sweat after two spinning classes.  I added in some basketball time in the pool in the evening too which was probably ill advised.



For breakfast today I once again has the protein shake and bacon since it is my energy go to food.  Lunch was white bean kale soup and a chicken pesto pizza.  The soup was decent, but the pizza was outstanding.  It is definitely going to be one I make at home.  For dinner we had shrimp stir fry with noodles which is always good (though it needs sriracha hot sauce!)  Dessert was strawberries with balsamic syrup, and I really enjoy the sweet plus the vinegar.  I wish we could have some more, but it is a great dessert regardless.

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