Week 4, Day 4 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

December 10, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/18/2013)

IMG_7682Today was a really good, but really challenging day for me at the resort.  I started off waking up at 6AM for no good reason and was really sore from the past two days of working out.  I think it is because I have started doing less modifications to my exercises like push ups and it is taking a toll on my muscles while they adjust.  It is a good sore, not debilitating, but omnipresent.  I really pushed myself hard despite the soreness, and worked out harder than I thought I could.

I  enjoyed the pool class today and once again I got super competitive in the pool.  We did relay races where the teams went from one end of the pool to the other and came back with weights and hoops that were hidden under the water.  It was a blast, but because of my competitiveness I pushed myself to the point of wheezing at times (my team won quite a bit.)  After that I still had the energy to go to spin class not once, but twice!  I did two spin classes today one after the other in the afternoon and it felt good.

They tell you here that since they take away your food and the make you work out so much that your coping mechanisms are gone and you will likely have an emotional breakdown at some point.  Today was that day for me during the end of my second spin class.  We Are Young came on as our final song in spin and I started crying as I thought about my dad passing away last November and how I wished I had more time with him.  I always wanted him to see me finally succeed in my weight loss so that maybe I could help him.  The tears came sudden and unexpected, but it felt good to get it out.  It was quite a day for me all around.



Today was the offsite hike at Beaver Meadow and it was okay as usual.  It is not a very challenging hike in anything except duration.  I made it through it pretty easily.  The morning optional class I took was pool and it was relay races as I mentioned above.  The post lunch fun game class was big beachball volleyball on tennis courts and it was a blast.  All the trainers joined in and we ended up popping the ball at the end.  My two afternoon classes were spin (I opted out of circuit training.)  Great workout day!



IMG_7690So I once again had the veggie omelet and turkey bacon for breakfast and it was good.  Lunch was an optional meal for me because I did not want to have the ahi tuna salad.  I just did not like the tuna they used and since I had it raw last time that is a big deal.  I chose to have a veggie burger and that went well with the black bean soup.  The soup today was very water down, which is unusual.

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