Week 4, Day 3 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

December 9, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/17/2013)

IMG_7659I had the thought that I am going to run out of things to say about the food and workouts pretty soon.  I have gone through all of the descriptions of both food and workouts and I have already had all the food from this week in my first week here.  I missed the week two menu items.  Just a warning from this point on if your are anxiously awaiting new and exciting foods.  If I come back during a menu change I will make sure to mention it in this section.

So I woke up beat down this day, and just barely made it through.  The hour and a half extra workout last night in the pool dried me out and left me pretty spent all day.  I even had to take a nap between lunch and the first workout class.  Luckily this time I remembered to set an alarm and actually woke up to work out.  I may need to limit myself to playing cards games in the evening if this is how I am going to feel.  Lots of people seemed exhausted all day, and most blamed it on the lack of food yesterday.  I have had at least three people tell me that they think they are dragging because of the waldorf salad and quinoa chili tortillas yesterday.  I have to say that last night I was so hungry I actually ate a larabar around 8.  That is a first so there may be something to their lack of food hypothesis, though for me it was the extra basketball.



This morning we did the trainer outdoor circuit and it was pretty cold.  I wish I had brought a sweatshirt at this point, and many people thought I was crazy to be in shorts and a tshirt.  I survived it though, and most people ended up taking off their layers.  I went and did pool right after the outdoor circuit and we played elimination basketball and then volleyball.  My competitive side is getting stirred up here and I got pretty frustrated playing simple team sports.  The two afternoon workouts were total toning and cardio intervals.  I was happy in cardio intervals when I did my one minute sprints at 7MPH and 7.2MPH.  That is a good speed for me to hold for a minute at this point.  Overall I am happy with the work I put in today, and I am definitely not going to the pool tonioght!



IMG_7668As I mentioned above these are all repeats now so bare with me.  Breakfast was a peanut butter and chocolate protein smoothie with two slices of turkey bacon.  I love the turkey bacon here, and I can’t find it at home.  I am going to have to buy a ton and freeze it when I get home!  Lunch was the turkey and veggie shewers with rice and salsa verde.  It did not feel like enough turkey, but it was still pretty filling.  My appetite has actually grown this week and I am wondering if my body is just asking me for more food before it sheds all my muscle.  It is so hard to decide if I should start supplementing some protein calories.  If I lose muscle I feel like I should have, if I don’t lose a good amount of weight I feel like I should not.  Argh!  Dinner tonight is the sirloin burger, though it should be called the open face sirloin steak sandwich since there is only half a bun.  They really like to pour on the name and then sometimes not deliver all the goods.  As always it is amazing though!  The dessert is pumpkin flan which I really enjoy with some added cinnamon.

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Week 4, Day 2 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara Week 4, Day 4 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

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