Week 4, Day 2 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

December 4, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/16/2013)

It feels good to be back and have several friends still left here.  I missed so many people here and it is nice to come back to warm greetings as I begin to workout till exhaustion all day again.  One thing I have been enjoying is playing games after classes with people now.  We played Cranium on Sunday night and tonight we played an elimination style basketball game in the water after dinner.  Another 2 hours of working out, but it was a blast!

I am not sure what I am going to do my last couple of weeks when it is me and all the people I know now are gone.  It will be me, new guests and snow I bet.  I am not looking forward to going to classes (including hikes) in the snow, but I guess that is going to be a fact of like I should just get used to.

The workouts today really got to me.  I was exhausted and ready to go to bed before dinner.  I hope that tomorrow I adjust a little better, hopefully with some good sleep I will be right as rain.



Today started off with the assessment hike and I actually got four laps in which is a record for me.  Usually after three they send me around the paved walk path.  After the hike and snack we went straight to Trainer’s choice workout.  This time the trainer would draw a card and based off the card and the number on it we would do exercises.  For example a five of spades would be five squats, and a five of diamonds would be five sit ups.   We did crunches, squats, cardio and push ups for the different suits.  It was a very difficult workout since we were jumping between the different ones quickly.  After lunch there was water sports which was water polo today.  It is a very fun game, but the competitive and aggressive tendencies that come out in the game are not a good thing.  There were lots of scratches and I am not sure everyone enjoyed the high level for competition.  The two afternoon classes were core and mountain classes and they kicked my ass.  As I mentioned above I finished the day off with about 2 hours of basketball in the pool.  It was fun and an extra workout will not hurt right?



IMG_7657Breakfast for me was the veggie omelet and turkey sausage.  It is an old go to that I enjoy quite a bit despite the eggs being overcooked.  Lunch was a quinoa chili crunchy tortilla thing which was only decent.  Dinner was the waldorf salad, and I was not a fan till I tried the new mustards on it.  Apparently while I was gone they added two new mustards as condiments at the table.  One is a sweet / hot dijon and the other is like a stone ground mustard.  They have tremendous flavor and made a salad I am not fond of into something I enjoyed.  Dessert was chocolate covered strawberries which is always a win.


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