Back In The Saddle Again – Week 4, Day 1(First Return Week)

December 3, 2013


I was on the road fairly early around 9 and had not eaten so I grabbed some coffee and a lowfat chicken sausage wrap from Starbucks.  Getting out of town was a priority, but I went so fast I left the card game I bought to bring back to the resort!  ARGH!  Anyway, the trip was fairly uneventful.  I stopped to eat at a Panera and chicken noodle soup and half a flatbread thai wrap.  It was 470 calories total and very filling.  I also ate an apple and a small portion of peanuts about an hour away from the resort.   I wanted to make sure I was eating at a good set time as I came back in, though I was annoyed at how it was going to affect my afternoon weigh in.  I neglected to mention that I woke up with a mild hangover and spent a big part of driving in the morning re-hydrating!

I arrived at the resort around 4:15pm and checked in.  Things are just like I left them and it is good to see all the smiling familiar faces.  I went ahead and weighed in and got my measurements, and was not disappointed.  I lost about 4.2 pounds this week (unfortunately most was muscle according to their scale) and a few more inches around different parts of my body.  I had mentally prepared myself for the 2-4 pound range.  I really want to see a huge number again, but that is not how this works and I have to be happy as a chip away at this extra weight.  I am still about 10 pounds higher then I was when I arrived at Utah last year.  That is mildly depressing, but much less so considering 4 weeks ago I was 30 pounds heavier.

My goal range for weight these two weeks is 7-12 pounds and I think that is very doable.  At 11 pounds I would break into the 330s which would get my head in a better place.  I only have one week between visits again and I like knowing that those weeks still are contributing significantly to my weight loss.


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