At Home Day 6 – Different Screaming Belt + Loop

December 1, 2013


So the good news is today I fit back into my original screaming belt loop belt.  The one that is up at the top of the webpage there… It is still screaming because of my up and downs, but I am glad to be back to it.  I think when I get to the last loop on this belt I am going to frame it and put it above my refrigerator to remind me to always keep my lifestyle in check.  I am glad to be able to keep my pants from falling off now, but I hope I get down to the next belt loop soon.  I think that is a goal for me while I am at the resort the next two weeks.  One more belt loop!

I went to spinning class with my wife at 8:15am and then had a strength training session with my trainer.  It was quite a good sweat+muscle grouping and I am sore already afterwards.  It is good to just be a little sore and know that I have not made myself miserable, but have still pushed my body.  Walking that fine line where you push yourself, but don’t injure yourself is difficult when you have been up and down the same 100 pounds so many times.  What I could do at 280 is drastically different from what I can do now in the 340s and 50s.  My mind does not want to hear it, but I am making it and so far balancing it well.

IMG_7637The rest of the day did not go as swimmingly as the morning, but I did get a nice massage in.  I had a turkey pita wrap for lunch with my wife and that was the end of the super healthy day.  I went to get a massage before picking the kids up from school, and then drove them an hour and a half to Kentucky so they could visit my mom for the weekend.  I was glad for the kid free weekend, and I even took a larabar for my snack to tide me over till I got back to Richmond to eat, but that was where I kind of messed up.  When I got home I had decided I wanted to see a movie and there was no quick leftover in the fridge and I only had 15 minutes to eat before I had to run out to the movie.  What did I do?  Well I grabbed some turkey I made earlier in the week and dipped it in some hummus and ate it real fast as I ran out the door.  Great dinner no?  The other bad part was that it was 7pm and I had gone too long without food.

When I got to the movie I was still hungry and I had decided to treat myself with a coke zero and 12-15 peanut M&Ms (the are carbs with protein right?  Come on PEANUTS!)  The problem is that my hunger was not assuaged by my turkey hummus concoction and as I got hungrier throughout the movie I ended up finishing the whole movie sized M&M package!  ARGH!  I am not going to beat myself up too badly but it was the end result of some really bad planning on my part.  I know I can do better.  It canceled out my spin class and so I can deal with that.  I am still down to a new belt right!?  My entire week has been victory after victory in the lifestyle change arena.  I have allowed myself some drinking treats (mint juleps and iced coffee with a splash of cream,) and I have made a single unplanned treat release.  Not bad, and if I only made this mistake every other week…  That is a successful lifestyle for me to get my health back on the positive side.   I find that writing this out helps make it feel more and more like the truth and not some rationalization.  I think that regardless of whether I post these blog entries or not that this helps process a day like nothing else for me.

Anyway, keep calm and chive on. =)


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