At Home Day 5 – The Only One At the Spinning Class

November 30, 2013


So today I woke up and after I dropped the children at school I went straight to the gym for BodyPump class.  I increased my weight a bit from last time since I was not sore from the first class.  I am trying to find a good middle ground and make sure that I get a good workout, but that I do not destroy my workouts for the rest of the week.  I know I pushed it hard in class because my shirt was super sweaty by the end.  After that class I had planned on going to spin class, and I went straight there and adjusted my bike and got ready….  The bad news is that there is TRX class on Thursdays and no spin at 9:30.  I was pretty annoyed, but I did about 10 minutes on the bike and went home.  I got a great workout today, and I am sure I will be doing some more active stuff in the PM, no need to kill myself.

For lunch today I warmed up some turkey chili and had 200 calories worth of sour cream and onion pop chips.  Not a super optimal meal, but I was craving something a little odd flavored and the pops chips with chili did the trick.  I focus a decent bit of time today (after I left Starbucks) on chores around the house.  I got tons of laundry and kitchen cleaning in, hooray!

For dinner I made sirloin hamburgers with 100 calories whole grain sandwich flat rounds.  It is nice to have fresh veggies from the garden so I used our tomatoes and poblano peppers to give the burger a little zing.  It was a good change of pace and felt like and old school dinner with a healthier twist.  I also made is a salad with leftover bell peppers and some sesame dressing I whipped up the other day.  It wasn’t a favorite meal, but it was a good one nonetheless.

The evening ended with a nice mint julep and chat with the wife.  I know it is a vice, but I really look forward to that one drink and quiet chat time with Jennifer in the evening.  It is worth extra time in the gym if need be.

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