At Home Day 4 – Only Doing One Cardio Class Is Rest?

November 27, 2013


This morning I made a quick parfait out of leftover berries, honey and greek yogurt.  Tasty and super fast, and then it was out the door with the kiddos and my gym clothes and spinning gear.  I went in this morning to spin class with a mission.  I wanted to make sure that my shoes did not malfunction, and that I really pushed my cardio.  Previously it has been matters of surviving the pain, and today I wanted to make it more and more about the workout.  I have to say I was successful and my daily workout got checked off real early.

It is a weird adjustment for me to stop working out after only an hour and know that I am not going back.  It is a weird mix of feelings when you get back from the resort and your mind is prepared to go all day, but you also know you should back it off and get into a measured lifelong flow.  There is no way to realistically workout 4-6 hours a day without causing problems in other areas of your life and learning that lesson is just as important as the nutrition and wellness ones they teach at the resort.  Knowing that you give it your all for 60 minutes and that is enough takes getting used to.  As I write this I am thinking about adding some kettlebells in at the end of my day… What is wrong with me?!  I think so many of us with weight issues have life balance issues and tend to go all one way or the other, when the middle road is what we should seek.  Balance in nutrition, work, exercise and spirit is the ultimate goal for me, and I hope others are getting on that same path.

So I wrote the first part of this in the morning and now that I come back to it the next day I have to report that I did end up adding a workout in.  It was kind of unexpected, but a good way to add in some cardio by swimming.  My kids both have swimming lesson and there are always 3 lanes open so my wife and I brought our suits and did laps.  It was a nice 40 minutes of lap swimming that I had not even thought about.  I was pretty happy to get in a little extra cardio and beat the indoor pools crazy sauna-like heat.  Perfection!

IMG_7640As far as eating the rest of day four I had an open faced turkey club on half a pita for lunch with some tomato soup.  It was tasty and my wife is in love with the whole wheat pitas from Wegman’s grocery.  For dinner I prepared shrimp quesadillas, but differently from the recipe in the book.  I had leftover bell pepper and a fresh poblano pepper so I went ahead and added that in to the spinach and omitted the artichoke hearts.  It was fantastic, and my wife said it was now here second favorite meal I have prepared for the week.  I did finish off my evening with a mint julep and some peanut butter fudge I had prepared earlier in the week.  I still feel like I am doing really well at home and that this is a sustainable lifestyle pattern/set of choices.   My weigh in when I go back to the resort on Sunday will be an interesting information point.  My goal for the week weight wise is a simple 2-4 pounds weight loss.  I think with the effort and the food I should hit that easily.  If not I have another at home break to work out the kinks before I head back to the resort once again.


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