At Home Day 3 – The New Deal…

November 26, 2013


I have kept up my 6:30am wake up time that I established at the resort.  I have found that even though I could get all the kids stuff ready and them to school by waking up at 7, that this works better.  I feel like I have time to breath in the morning now, rather than being rushed through everything.  I make their food and mine before I even wake them, and this allows for a more orderly and less stressed eating environment.  I am not sure if it helps the kids or myself more, but I am enjoying it.  I think my wife likes having her breakfast made for her (if she is waking up at all,) and I like having the time to cook and not just open packages.  Having eggs, toast and fruit is much better than opening up a quick breakfast bar as I run out the door.

My wife went with me this morning to my workouts.  I chose to go to BodyPump (official class at the gym) which is weight training with high repetitions and lower weight.  It is good cardio and strength training.  The trainer in the class and my trainer back at the resort had instilled fear in me about starting off with too much weight, so I went real low and found that I was not sore at the end of class.  I feel I could have increased my weight substantially, and probably will next time.  I am not saying that some of the exercises did not kick my ass, but they were things that were more bodyweight, such as dips and lunges.  My weight makes those exercises quite difficult and I have to keep myself from getting frustrated over that.

The second class of the day I went to was a spinning class at the gym.  Of course first thing into the beginning song my spinning shoe broke off in the pedal of my spin bike.  The instructor got someone to come in with a screwdriver and I got it out, but I spent the rest of the class with only one foot in the pedal.  I missed about 1.5 songs, but still was able to get a shirt drenching workout in and was happy with it overall.  I will spend a chunk of tonight trying to repair my spin shoes.  By the end of the class my wife and I were… wait for it… wait for it… SPINT.  Great class, and I think one I will be at twice a week minimum.

IMG_7637For lunch today I made grilled steak pitas and fresh tzatziki sauce.  I roasted a sirloin steak and built the pitas out of multi-colored peppers, arugula, tzatziki, steak and some onion.  The pita itself was whole wheat and my wife loved it.  I think the pita I chose is a favorite and I hope I can find it locally.  I may have started something bad on that front.  I think it was my wife’s favorite meal so far.  She has started cataloging the meals and is going to give me a list of her favorites so I can repeat them for her.  I have found that my joy of cooking is returning, and I will start blogging the meals a bit better in the future.

Since I was home alone for dinner last night I had leftover turkey enchilada casserole and some tomato basil soup.  I really like having leftovers and I think as long as I am diligent and use my freezer that with minimal upkeep every week I can keep a supply of healthy quick foods in my life.  My wife even took some leftover casserole to work, which is amazing for her because she does not like leftovers or having a similar meal repeatedly.  She sent me a text asking if I would make more for her to leave in the freezer before I went back to the resort this weekend.  Mission accomplished!


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