Homeward Bound and the First Days at Home…

November 26, 2013

Saturday (Leaving Resort/Drive Home/At Home): (9/07 – 9/09/2013)

I left the resort on Saturday morning with a plan already in hand.  I opted to leave right after breakfast on Saturday so that I could go to Wegman’s and buy many of the things we had eaten at the resort and take them home.  I want to incorporate many of the quality heavy ingredients we are given at the resort into my home life.  I know it is going to take a good bit of time to learn the quantities I need and to source the good ingredients in the small city I live in, so the Wegman’s trip was a must.  It took me about an hour and a half to go through the shopping list I had made for all the food I was going to prep when I got home, but that went fast.

I was really lucky for the first half of my day since I ate breakfast at the resort, and they were kind enough to pack me a take home sack lunch.  My breakfast was eggs, toast and fruit and for lunch I had cucumbers, a gluten free cookie and an amazing california chicken wrap.  Having all of that saved me from having to stop and eat out and for that I was very grateful.  I think I will pack a sack lunch and snacks for my drive backs since I stopped at McDonald’s the first time I drove down (will not be doing that again!)

When I got home my wife and kids were still on their way home so I had time to unload the Swagger Wagon(tm) and put the groceries away.  I made myself an organic turkey wrap with turkey, arugula, avocado, olive oil mayo, salt, pepper and a little mustard on a gluten free tortilla wrap.  It was delicious, and I added some organic tomato soup which just set me up right for the night.  My family got home and it was pretty much easy street for the rest of the evening.  I did not have to worry about food or anything else other than hanging out with the kids.


Sunday (At Home Day 1 – For Real!):

Today was prep day number one!  I got up early and made my wife and I breakfast since she had to work at 7AM.  Breakfast was eggs, whole wheat toast and a couple of turkey sausage links.   She was pleasantly surprised for the breakfast since she usually just eats on the run.  Have I mentioned that she lost 11 pounds while I was at the resort?  I am so proud of her and the kids for how well they have adjusted and supported me through this experience.

I spent a big part of my morning roasting turkey, chicken and cooking a 7 serving batch of my own turkey chili recipe.  It felt good to get this food prep done, and I am going to have to keep at it to make sure it becomes my habit.  A little preparation at the beginning of the week and no more eating out!  I split the portions of the turkey and chicken into 4oz containers and split the chili into 7 individual plastic containers.  After that it was running errands to get my son ready for his soccer game.  Having one shinguard is just the way things go sometimes, and that resulted in some store trips to get a pair.  The fun never ends for the stay at home father, right?  I grabbed a quick lunch turkey wrap with some tomato soup and that got me to the soccer game.

My wife got home at 5pm so I warmed up the turkey chili with some quinoa spaghetti for dinner (and a small bit of cheddar cheese.)  It was great if I do say so myself.  I think my wife gets tired of chili fast so the other 5 portions are all me while she is at work, winning!   I did find that I snacked during the day like I was at the resort, but the portions were less.  I had a hard boiled egg (eggland’s best pre-made) for my morning snack and I had a spoon of organic peanut butter in the afternoon.  Overall hunger has not been an issue at all and I know I am averaging 1500-1800 calories.  The 1800 high end is because I have been allowing myself a mint julep in the evening to relax with my wife.  There have to be some things like that to keep me sane, or at least that is what I tell myself.


Monday (First Workout Day – At Home Day 2):

I made my wife and I parfaits this morning for breakfast as I took the kids to school.  The parfaits had organic blackberries, blueberries and some strawberries in them with 0% greek yogurt and one tablespoon of honey and almonds each.  I left my wife’s parfait in the refrigerator for her to have a nice pleasant surprise (which she did and loved it!)  I dropped the kids off at school and then it was time for my personal training session.

I got to the gym at 8:10am and my trainer and I proceeded to run/walk for about 40 minutes outside to get a good cardio session in.  We then went inside and did some strength and core work.  I had planned on a spinning class with my wife at 9:30, but the schedule was off so we left and went for an hour hike at the arboretum instead.  It wasn’t as intense, but with the heat and uneven ground it was still an additional workout.  Feels weird already being done for the day when I usually have the afternoon workouts at the resort.  Getting used to the home life is not all bad, right?

IMG_7628After the hike we came home and showered and I made us a barbecue chicken pizza that we split (recipe from the resort.)  I also prepped our dinner which is a turkey enchilada casserole (resort recipe.)  The pizza went over well and the heavy vinegar laden barbecue sauce I made from the cookbook was pretty good on the pizza.  It was almost the exact same as it is at the resort, except I think I added a little extra chicken to it.  My wife was a fan, and did not even really mind that I used a gluten free pizza shell.

The evening was packed with activities so our eating was a little off for the evening.  The kids had swimming practice at 4:30, and then soccer practice at 6, so there was no downtime to eat a good dinner.  This resulted in us waiting to eat till around 7:15 which was less than ideal.  I think I am going to work on some sack dinners for this night as a short term fix for the problem.  We had the turkey enchilada casserole for dinner and it was amazing!  I really like the flavors and volume of the meal, and I am glad to have leftovers to eat the rest of the week when my wife is at work.


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