Day 18: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 23, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/05/13)

IMG_7586The main thing on my mind today was the rest of my stays at the resort and getting organized for my week at home coming up.  I spoke with my wife and found out that my last set of two weeks in October were now going to have to go down to just a one week stay because of a complication of her work schedule.  At first I was kind of stressed since I had just decided that I liked the spacing of the weeks.  The good news is I had scheduled a life coaching session with Teresa to help me get organized and she help me plan out the rest to my weeks with little changes.  She also helped me come up with a plan of action for my first week at home, which consisted of helping me choose classes at my gym to coming up with some plans for how to get my meals organized.  It was a great 65$ extra and she not only helped me get organized, but helped me by listening and providing some feedback on other problems I have at home.

I went to the body image class in the morning and it was a great class.  Heather taught it, and I found that through the exercise we did I definitely have my work cut out.   It was a good wake up call that I need to start thinking of the positive side of many of the things I do/the progress I make.  I think that anyone would get something out of this class, and it is worth missing a little cardio for.

I went on the Wegman’s tour (a grocery store) tonight and learned all sorts of useful information.  Some of it new, some not so new, but overall it was a great experience.



IMG_7590Today was the trainer outdoor circuit and this one included our hiking hill with stations all around it.  I was glad to see that the station at the basketball court/bocce ball court were gone.  Those two places never end up being a pleasant station, and it is no fun working your way through the other ones and dreading what comes next.  I did the body image class instead of going to the pool after the hike so that made my day a little easier.  The afternoon consisted of two pool classes, one was just straight up workout in the pool and the other one finished with water polo!  That was the most fun I have had in a class since I have been here and it was a great workout!  Make sure you pester the trainers till they let you do it.



IMG_7584Breakfast was veggie eggs, toast and bacon…. again!  Lunch was a favorite from a previous week, the turkey club and sweet potato fries.  It is a great half sandwich and with some mustard and Frank’s hot sauce, definitely one of the better lunches.  The soup for lunch was italian wedding which had some pasta in it!  It was one of my favorite soups since it had enough flavor.  There was no need for any hot sauce, vinegar or pepper which was a first.

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