Day 17: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 22, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/04/2013)

IMG_7557Kind of an odd day today as I woke up with a pain on top of my knee, and had no idea what it was.  At first I thought it was where I had crawled around on pavement, but on closer examination there was a white head in the center of my knee and the pain was surrounding it by about 4 inches and was slightly red.  As I talked to one of my friends here at breakfast he found a similar thing the same morning on his ankle and was told it was a bug (spider) bite.  I hate spiders…. It figures I would get a bite while I was here, and it really does give me some shooting pain from time to time, but it is not as bad as my friend’s bite on his ankle.  He is going into town to get a doctor to look at it, and unfortunately will be missing classes.

Today was the first time I had all my spinning gear together so I was actually a little excited to go to spin class.  Using the clips on the shoes was a little daunting at first but I finally got the hang of it.  I thought all of my toe and foot pain would be gone, but I am still having some sore toes just from the way my weight falls on the pedal.  I think that is something only losing weight and building muscle will help out.  My padded pants and seat held out great and I am only mildly sore from class.  I was finally able to put on speed and resistance rather than just surviving the pain.  It felt good to finally semi-enjoy that class.

I went to Target just to have something to do and enjoyed it.  I bought some more stuff for my kids and some antibiotic cream for my bug bite.  It was a very pleasant van ride, and I find those trips really help you bond with the people that are on them.  Just a simple excursion can let you get to know some new people and that is one of the best reasons to go.


IMG_7573We did the Beaver Meadow hike once again and it was nice except the grass was wet enough that right at the end my socks finally got soaked.  No blisters from it, so that is a win for the day!  At 10:30AM I chose to do the pool class and we did 32 laps (up and back) which is a mile.  We are able to do them different ways so it does not get boring.   After lunch there were not enough stay over guests for our scheduled beach volleyball fun game time so I opted to hang out in the pool again and shoot basketball.  I worked up a little sweat and had some fun, so it was a win.  The afternoon classes were circuit training and spinning and I survived both of them much better this week.  It is nice to see some progress in the workout department.



IMG_7579My breakfast this morning was the lovely peanut butter chocolate shake with two pieces of turkey bacon.  Wheaties ain’t got nothin’ on my smoothie with bacon.  I love the fact that I get 39g of protein in from that meal.  Something about it just seems more manly I guess.  Lunch was mahi mahi tacos, grilled pineapple and red cabbage slaw, and with some franks red hot sauce it was quite good.  They actually baked the corn taco shells so they were crunchy.  The soup at lunch was cuban black bean, and with some vinegar, franks red hot and pepper it was cuban black bean soup.  Dinner was thai peanut steak and noodles, and it was scrumptious!  The steak was cooked medium rare and was amazingly tender and the peanut sauce with the rice noodles were great.  I am definitely making dish that at home.   Dessert was equally amazing since it was chocolate peanut butter fudge with a strawberry drizzle.  The portion was tiny, but dense and packed with mouth coating chocolate goodness.

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