Day 16: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 21, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (9/03/2013)

IMG_7533There was some good and bad today at the resort for me.  On the good side I had a great conversation about planning and ways to move forward with Kelly today.  She is one of the trainers here and they are all willing to take some time during just about anything to listen and offer advice.  I started off asking her advice on whether I should stick with my current schedule of 3 weeks on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off and 2 on.  I will have a spare week after that since we bought a package of 8 weeks.  My wife had mentioned over the weekend that I could change to 5 weeks on, 1 week off and then 3 weeks on to finish off my stay here.  Kelly helped me start to break down what I needed to do when I got home and I think I am going to stick with the way things are already.

The bad side of the coin today was that I slept through my two afternoon classes!  I came back to my room after lunch and started reading on my iPad and the next thing I knew I was waking up at 4:15!  I mean it is one thing to miss class, but I missed afternoon snack too!  Oh no!  Just kidding about the snack, but it was a bit disappointing to miss out on the classes.  That is a first for me at any resort, usually I know better about putting my head down during the day on the bed.




As with every Tuesday I did the trainer outdoor circuit hike, and got through only one real loop this time.  The stations were pretty much the same with a 5th one added at the pavilion.  What slowed me down today was the circuit Kelly had at the basketball court was inch worming all the way across the court and then coming back in a crab crawl.  It was virtually impossible for me to do the inch worm and the crab crawl was a zero move situation.  We were supposed to do 100 crunches at that station and I ended up doing 150 to get out of the crab crawl!  After snack I went to pool and it was basketball and volleyball which was fun, even though there seemed to be a team mismatch today.  Sadly that was my last workout of the day since I fell asleep after lunch.  The last two workouts of the day were supposed to be total tone and cardio intervals.  I like both those classes so I am kind of double disappointed in myself.  Tomorrow is a new day though, I will just have to push harder!



IMG_7534For breakfast I had the veggie scramble with two pieces of sausage.  Lunch soup was french lentil which had some fennel in it which I am growing to dislike more and more.  The lunch entree was BBQ chicken pizza, which was fantastic!  I could eat that pizza everyday and definitely plan on making it at home.  For dinner we had the southwest burrito as our main entree, and it was pretty good with some hot sauce.  They do not give you much salsa here for some reason which is fairly annoying, but you can supplement with franks red hot sauce.  We had a fruit skewer for dessert with some lightly sweetened greek yogurt, it was just mediocre compared to the chocolate covered banana the previous evening.

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