Day 15: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 20, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (09/02/2013)

IMG_7527It is weird coming back to the resort after having missed the last two days.  I feel out of sorts missing all the new faces at orientation.  It was definitely worth it since I had a great time with my family this weekend, but getting back into the swing of things mentally is going to take a bit.  There are 20 new guests this week and only about 6 stay over guests.  It is a pretty big change since my first two weeks most of the guests were stay over guests and many had been here over 3 weeks.  Another interesting thing about this week is there are almost as many men as women here.  It is usually just a small handful of men at any of the resorts so this is an interesting turn.

It has been fun watching a group of gung ho guys that came in try to kill themselves during their one week here.  This morning they ran the hike and skipped lecture to come do trainer’s choice workout with the stay overs.  It was pretty amusing to see them re-evaluate all the extra exercise they are planning for their week.  I advise anyone coming in to stick to the program and do not try to kill yourself.  Just doing the work they ask will be effective in regards to your overall fitness level.  If you feel you need to push yourself in week two or so on that is one thing, but make sure you take in the lessons in the first week.  You will barely make it to 8pm in your room before you are asleep, guaranteed.



IMG_7528The first workout was the assessment hike, followed quickly by the extended trail hikes on site.  I was once again put in the middle groups and since there are only 3 hiking groups here (basic, intermediate, speedy gonzalez) I am fine with that.  There are some pretty fast people here this week so the more advanced group is going to be doing quite a bit of jogging and rushing through hikes I imagine.  After the hike we did the trainer’s choice workout which was done using a deck of cards.  The cards were broken up like: diamonds were burpees, clubs were push ups, hearts were russian twists (twisting from side to side in a situp position,) spades were squats, and aces were 90 second planks.  The number on the cards was how many of the exercise we had to do.  The trainers went around the room and we selected cards until there were none left.  I thought we would not make it through the deck, but unfortunately we did!  After lunch we did volleyball in the pool, which is always a crowd favorite.  The two afternoon classes were mountain and core which were great as always!  I pushed myself a little harder in mountain, but I know I can give it more.  I plan on doing mountain next week while at home and giving it more effort.



IMG_7526So for breakfast I had eggs, toast and fruit since I had not filled out a breakfast card on Saturday.  They only have a couple of options for you if you do not fill out the cards.  Make sure you get them in!  Lunch soup was greek lemon chicken soup which was just decent.  I was not too happy with the buttery lemon taste to it.  The main lunch entree was a turkey cobb salad, which was decent, but since salad is what we get everyday as our filler it is not too exciting to me.  I prefer a nice warm lunch.  Dinner was great, we had a shrimp, spinach and artichoke quesadilla which had, what felt like, tons of cheese!  It was a fantastic dinner and the dessert was amazing too!  We had chocolate covered banana and I swear it was the biggest portion of chocolate they allow here.  People seemed pretty happy post dinner this night.


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