Day 12: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 18, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (08/30/2013)

IMG_7284Today was the day that my family arrived into town and I could not wait to see them.  I checked in with them between every class to see when they were going to arrive.  They turned out to not make it in until around 5pm, and that was perfect.  I had them come down here so I could show them around, but I only got to introduce them to a few guests.  My son and daughter were enthralled by the boats and the fishing poles.  I think they want to come back just for that as a vacation!

I weighed in and lost only 4 pounds on Friday morning.  I weighed in a day early since I was going to be gone with the family all weekend.  I lost 2.65 pounds of fat and 1.45 pounds of muscle.  Not the result I wanted from my second week, but still moving in the right direction.  I want to keep losing the fat, not the muscle, so that is frustrating.  I lost another inch in my chest, 2.75 inches more in my belly and a half inch in my hips!  That is some great movement there so I am going to give this week a thumbs up regardless of the actual weight lost.

IMG_7297After I let them rest a little we all packed up and started our drive into Buffalo to the hotel.  We unloaded things at the hotel and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (no I did not eat cheesecake!)  I had one of the selections off of the skinnylicious menu and after we finished up it was back to the hotel for some swim time!

Having my family come out to visit me while I am at the resort has always been something I had hoped for and it really has helped my mood to see the wife and kids.  Sharing the place and the local destinations is great!


IMG_7259 I was in the middle group instead of the slow group at the Letchworth hike Friday, which was a bit more challenging.  The middle group gets an extra set of stairs and inclines before you do the final 177 stair blowout at the end of the hike.  It was a fun group and we moved along fairly quickly.  It is definitely a beautiful hike and I am going to have to take my good camera one of these Fridays.  The only other workouts for the day were indoor cycling (spinning) and strength circuit.  I did even better in my cycling class because my padded pants came in and joined together with the extra padded seat let me focus on the cardio and not surviving the colossal ass pain the earlier classes caused.  

IMG_7293Breakfast was eggs, toast and fruit which was decent as always.  For lunch I had carrot ginger soup, which I like, and chicken and barley risotto.  The chicken breast was huge and with some hot sauce quite tasty.  The risotto was actually fairly creamy and once again I am happy with the food here.   I mentioned above that I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my family after the visited so I will let you know what I ate.  I had the chicken soft tacos (corn tortillas, entire meal < 590 calories) and a larabar on the way to the restaurant.  This put me at about 600-850 calories which was a bit much, but it was the larabar that pushed me over because we took too long to get to dinner I started getting crazy hungry and wanted to make sure I went in a bit calmer.

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