Day 11: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

November 17, 2013

Comments/Thoughts: (08/29/2013)

DuffsI have some good news and some bad news, the good news is I enjoyed my day today immensely and the bad news is… I enjoyed my day immensely!  Why, you may ask, was my day so spectacular?  Well, today I went on an eating expedition with a couple of friends from the resort.  Buffalo is famous for buffalo chicken wings and we had heard that the place to try them was called Duffs.  We hatched this plan at Target the night before and decided that we could only do it if we all went and made sure none of us went too far off the rails and I am not too disappointed to report what happened.  We all ordered 10 wings and a salad, and I should mentioned I thought that 5 wings would be a good amount, but I was swayed by the people that ordered before me.  I ordered the Medium Hot and Hot sauce and the wings were truly amazing!   The perfect blend of vinegar and heat, with a little blue cheese to offset.  I could have gone hotter, but I was happy with my choices.  I only ate about half of my salad because the 10 wings stuffed me much more then I would have imagined.

We did miss a good dinner at the resort of Chicken and Sausage Quesdillas and Chocolate PB Fudge for dessert.  The calorie total for that would have been 542, which was quite a bit of wiggle room to work our wing magic.  According to myfitnesspal 10 duffs wings (not breaded) are 539 calories, so with the blue cheese and half the salad I know we were under 700 calories.  I am content with that since I know it is not going to be something that is too frequent, though this coming weekend my family is coming in and I imagine I will be eating off site quite a bit.  The point to this place is to prepare you for the real world where you can eat non-perfect foods as long as 90% of the time you are eating healthy earth grown nutrients in the appropriate quantities.

Otherwise it was a perfectly average Thursday at the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara!



IMG_7256We started the day off with the trainers outdoor circuit again (TOC) and did not go through the woods hiking trail like we did last week.  That was all good with me except I did not notice there was an extra station added so I missed it my two times around the hike/circuit.  I did well and was glad to be jogging up and down the challenge hill.  At 10:30AM I did a pool class, and then since my first afternoon class was pool I did it again, and did it once again for my last class.  Changing in and out of the swim gear 2-3 times is not going to happen, so I missed the treading class, which is still no big deal to me.  I still burned my calories!  Did I mention I have a nasty blister?!  Sorry for the nasty picture of my foot, but seriously!

IMG_7255My breakfast was 2 pieces of turkey bacon and veggie eggs once again.  I like it more for the bacon and toast than the eggs at this point.  Lunch was whitebean, fennel and tomato soup which I did not care for at all ( I still ate it!)  The lunch entree was steak and feta pizza which was a great portion and very good.  I already mentioned up top that I was a bit naughty for dinner and went to Duffs and had 10 wings and half a salad.


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