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October 13, 2012

This has been a very difficult week for me with falling off the juicing at the wedding over this past weekend.  I know I mentioned that in my last post, but in the subsequent days I have had real difficult getting back on track and have been having more peanut butter with my juices than ever before.  I finally weighed myself on Wednesday and I was 311.6.  I imagine I was close to 312/313 when I returned from New York, but since I have been eating too much the last few days the weight loss has been minimal at best.  On Thursday I was 311, Friday was 311 and as of today I am back down to 309 which is only .4 from where I was before I left.  Why the sudden drop at the end of my week?  The Blue Print Cleanse.

I met a new friend while at the wedding and discovered that he worked for a great juicing company that had actually even worked with Joe Cross, who had motivated me through his movie to begin a juice fast.  After talking for awhile he even offered to let me try the juices and for that I will always be very grateful.  The juices are fairly pricey, but for fresh organic juice that is overnighted to your front door, what else would you expect?  They are expensive, but I think it is justifiable considering what all is involved.  The package that arrived at my door had gel ice packs and a bag that acted as a cooler to keep the juices cold while the were overnighted.  It was some amazing packaging.

On Friday I jumped right in and tried juice number one, since the bottles are numbered and you are supposed to go through them 1-6 each day.  The juice I had was their green juice which contained, romaine lettuce, apple, kale, spinach, parsley, lemon and celery.  If you have read much of my blog you know I have problems with kale, celery and cucumber juice so I was understandably hesitant about this first juice.  Though I would not call it something I would ask for when I wanted a casual tasty drink, it was more than palatable to me which is shocking.  I despise celery and it was actually present in this drink in a muted and well accented was with the parsley and lemon masking much of the kale+celery harshness I have had in my own drinks.  I know that the rest of the juices were going to be great if they could make the green one appetizing to my picky needs.

My second juice of the day was a yellow juice that contained pineapple, apple and mint.  I have to say I will be trying to duplicate these flavors considering how much fresh mint is in my yard.  The combination was refreshing, sweet and the mint really set things off.  I often have mint in my summer alcoholic drinks and had not really put much though into adding it to my juices.  That mistake is now a thing of the past thanks to this experience.

I deviated from the cleanse plan a little because I want to prolong the experience for my own needs.  So the third juice of the day I had was the number 6 juice which contained water, cashew, agave nectar, cinnamon and vanilla.  It was again a very tasty combination of flavors and one that I really wanted to try out (which is why I skipped to it.)  It was sweet and smooth and is currently my second favorite behind the pineapple juice I mentioned above.  There are two other different juices I will be having today and I will discuss those in my post tomorrow or Monday.

This was such great timing for me since I have had such a tough week readjusting to the process to have these juices that I do not have to prep and are new flavors is amazing.  I can definitely say that through these are an expensive product I can see using them when I run into roadblocks to help me get restarted.  The three day supply is a total of 18 juices and I typically only drink three juices in a day so I am able to extend it a bit further.  I need to say thanks again to my new friend for sending these my way, it has helped me tremendously.  Hope everyone is doing well and check out the juices if you are looking for a quick re-vitalization of your fast/cleanse.  The website is

Lots of pictures in these posts, and there are many more descriptions and different options on the Blue Print website.  I chose the Renovation package so that I could try the max number of their juices.  Definitely happy with the choice and variety.

Take care all, juice on!



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