Hard post to write, but have to get it out of the way

October 9, 2012

Well I was not successful in maintaining my juice/liquid fast in New York.  I could have, there was plenty of fresh juice all over the place.  In the end I was slightly weak and decided to enjoy all of the new social experiences with food as well.  The wedding was beautiful and I loved meeting some great new people.  I will have you know I am back in the saddle as of today.

I am not going to go into all the different ways in which I cheated, but I will say that even though I am disappointed in myself because I want to make as much progress in my changes as possible there are always going to be setbacks.  I was proud of some of the decisions I made while eating.  I mostly ate small portions and only was a little out of control after a night of a little too much drinking.  Overall I made good food decisions and limited the damage.

I did not weigh in today since I did not think it would be productive mentally.  I am sure the scale is up at least 5 pounds considering the solid food and salt.  Tomorrow morning I will start weighing again and undo whatever ills I may have caused.  One great part of the trip was I met someone that had similar issues to myself and had turned his life around.  The story was a good one and very motivational.  His story and support, as well as all my great friends together in a beautiful 3 day New York experience is my take away.  Onward and Downward.

I am going to stop the peanut butter now!  I promise!

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Day twelve of the second fast. Back on track thanks to some help.

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