Day twelve of the second fast.

October 4, 2012

The last several days have gone by quickly and I was able to survive cooking some great meals with little damage to my liquid diet.  My father-in-law came up for a visit and it was his new wife’s birthday.  She is Filipino so I made chicken adobo and my wife made some cake.  I did try a bite of the adobo since I had never had any and I really liked it.  I am definitely going to have to make it when I break my fast next time.  This morning is day twelve and I weighed in at 308.6 so I have finally broken my 310 plateau!

I am at 44.2 pounds as far as my loss goes now, and the last time I returned successfully from the resort I was at 303 so I am soooo close to getting back to where I feel I am losing some real weight again.  Ironic that I discount my 44 pounds weight loss as just getting me to the point where I feel I am starting.  I had a real good feeling the other day as I tried on a suit I bought 5 years ago and it mostly fit.  The coat’s last button is a little snug, but the pants, shirt and everything else fit perfect!  The wedding in Brooklyn this weekend just got a little more pleasant for me.  Clothes are such an encouragement in weight loss.

When I started this fast I took some beginning pictures in some shirts from comedians that have inspired me like Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer.  I am hoping to keep tracking my weight loss through picture with those shirts since I have three different sized shirts.  One even being an extra large which I have not fit into since I was a sophomore in high school many a moon ago. I am also having to move down to some of my other small clothes I have which is great.

I am trying to stay focused on my goal of getting to 280 because that has been my breaking point 3-4 times in the decade and I need to beat it to mentally move on and know I am going to reach my goals.  It is such a weird number and I HATE it.  I think it is the time I get comfortable with my weight loss and mentally check out.  So I gain a little, loss a little, gain a little, break and gain it all back!  All at that DAMN number.  Not this time.  My wife has agreed that I get one more chance at the resort which I get to schedule when I hit 280.  I imagine that I will have to schedule it months after I hit that weight so hopefully when I get there I will be less heavy and able to break into some new weight loss territory and up my cardio in a huge way.

Anyway, life goes on, wish me luck in Brooklyn because I will need it.  I will find juice bars and I will use them.  I will find juice bars and I will use them…..

Juice on.

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Another small update Hard post to write, but have to get it out of the way

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