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October 2, 2012

Well days seven, eight and nine have all gone fairly well, but a little annoying. I have hit a plateau/roadblock. It was not an unexpected occurence considering that I dropped 2.6 pounds in one day after having lost 2 more pounds the days before. As of this morning I was 310.6 which is .6 pounds higher then just a few days ago.

Once again I need to be happy with progress where I find it. I went to the gym yesterday and did a good workout. I am actually sore this morning which is a good thing. My food has been good but not great. Limited juicing, and some peanut butter meal replacements that I am trying to workout.

My overall juice/soup consumption is up, but it is not fresh juice like I want to have. I still need to do some tweaking, and I am preparing to find some good juice places up in Brooklyn for this weekend. My friend that is getting married said it should not be too big a deal so we shall see.

I will report back again soon, just wanted to make sure you all know I am still moving in the right direction.

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Quick mini update Day twelve of the second fast.

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