Another day down

September 25, 2012

Well starting the juice/liquid fast off has not been too hard so far.  I have had some nice berry/grape breakfast juices and spinach/carrot/berry/grape blends for my other meals with some carrot juice soup.  As of this morning I am down 6.2 pounds after two days on my new fast.  The weight I gained while on vacation seems to be evaporating.

I imagine the next 3-4 pounds will be off quick and then it will be the .5-1 pound grind again for awhile.  That is fine as long as I am moving in the right direction.  I am feeling ok this time around on the fast and haven’t been too grumpy except for my first day.  Who can blame me though after having some smoked gouda cheese grits and tons of shrimp down south?

I worked out yesterday, which was fast day 2, and this morning I am already sore.  I am going to start trying to push my fitness level now that I have lost some of my weight.  I know what I am capable of from my time at the resort and it is time to get my running/hiking and biking on.  I am frustrated that it is so cold outside since I am now wanting to do my workouts there!  Oh well the gym is still great too.

Hope everyone is doing well, onwards and downwards.

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