Back from Vacation, the good and the bad. Juice Fast 2 Day 1

September 23, 2012

Well the good news is that I had a fantastic time with my family.  We were active everyday going to the beach, walking, and riding bikes 5+ miles a few days with our kids on the back of them.  It was a blast and I feel very refreshed.  The bad news is that I was totally off any sort of any sensible eating.  I did not binge, but I did indulge in desserts, high fat foods and eating out quite a bit.  I gained a little over 9 pounds in about 9 days!

My plan was to juice once or twice and eat small portions.  There were just so many favorite places we wanted to go that I just did not hold it down.  I was weak with food, but strong with working out.  It was even worse than you could imagine in that there was a fresh juice stand at the beach!

I started my fast again today and plan to try to make it another 20-30 days till we go to Chicago.  I am a bit worried with my upcoming weekend in Brooklyn at the beginning of October, but I need to not break my fast for it.  I may go salad and juice while I am there, but I am not going to go off in any major way.

Anyway, have to run, this is a quick update as I get the kids ready for a soccer game!

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Breaking the fast and my stomach! Another day down

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