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September 29, 2012

Running low on time so I just thought I would check in with some goods news. As of the morning of my 7th day on this liquid fast I am down to 310. That is 3.8 pounds down from before my vacation last week and a total of 42.8 pounds down overall. I am so close to being under 300 I can smell it!

I am hoping that maybe I will get really close before my trip to Brooklyn this coming weekend so I fit in an old suit I got during a previous weight loss experience. I have not been under the 280 pound mark since high school so I am really pushing towards that goal.

My wife has tentatively agree to let me go back to the resort after I have hit my goal, but I am not really going to depend or focus on that. I am still planning on juicing through my New York and Natural Bridge trips in an effort to get well into the 200s.

Anyway days 5 and 6 are really not that eventful. I am still battling the peanut butter crutch I have developed, but still focusing mainly on juice. Once again I am not perfect, but I am still moving in the right direction. Good conquering the perfect!

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