Breaking the fast and my stomach!

September 13, 2012

Well the last two days have been great as far as getting to chew food consistently once again.  I never really knew how bad I missed it till I was able to masticate once again.  I find it hard to believe that I have stil manage to lose a little over 1lb in these two days where I have reverted to solid food.  I weighed in at 313.8 this morning, and I was 315 when my fast ended.  To say that I am happy to still see the scale moving down would be an understatement.  It is giving me confidence going into my vacation that I can maintain and maybe even add to my total weight loss.  I am 39lbs down and getting ever so close to being out of the 300s once again (this time for good.)

My food over the last couple of days has actually been pretty good barring last nights debacle with chicken and dumpling leftovers (once again!)  For breakfast I have been having a banana with some peanut butter on it which I think may be my permanent breakfast.  Lunch on Tuesday was a california salad with balsamic vinaigrette (no meat but some blue cheese crumbles.)  The salad was great and it was so big I had it again for dinner with a tablespoon of lower sugar peanut butter for dessert.  Lunch on Wednesday was a similar salad, but this time with some pecan encrusted chicken with basalmic (I know too early but I survived!)  This salad was not as big as the one from the previous day so I didn’t have enough for leftovers.  I was proud that I only ate about 60% of the chicken and gave the rest to my daughter.  Dinner was pretty bad Tuesday evening as I tried to eat Chicken and Dumplings once again with the exact same result of getting sick and most of it coming back up.  I think since it is just so filled with meat (stock, chicken, and dumpling soaking in stock) that my stomach does not know what to do with it all.  I ended up with some leftover mashed potatoes and a spoon of peanut butter being all my dinner.  Live and learn!  Tonight I plan on going out with a friend for sushi, and I hope my stomach is up for some raw fish…  I think it is because I will have it in a very small quantity.  Friday is going to be my first real challenge as we take my father-in-law to his birthday dinner at Outback.  I plan on trying some red meat on my 4th day post fast and am a little worried.  I may chicken out and get a salad…  We shall see.

I was proud of myself yesterday because I went for a hike in a newly opened trail on the east side of Hayes Arboretum.  The path I went on was about 1.8 miles and I was time deprived so I didn’t get to explore and side trails.  It has a couple of hills but nothing challenging like Utah or Malibu unfortunately.  That is what I get for living in a mostly flat state I guess.  I really love hiking and the weather is perfect for it now.  I am going to try to explore all the trails and find a challenging hike in the new area.

That’s it for this time, hope everyone is having success in their weight loss or other goals.


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