Days 20-22 – Weekend down and still going

August 27, 2012

Sorry for the sparse posting the last few days.  I had a good weekend where I was able to stay on track with my juicing+liquid broth.  As of the morning of my 22nd day I weighed 324.6!  That is another two pounds gone, bringing my total to 28.2 pounds in 22 days.  I have another 12 days left of fasting and I am hoping to get into the teens and in sight of sub 300 shortly after our vacation.  I think another 6 pounds in my last 12 days of juicing is feasible as long as things stay as they are.

My wife worked all weekend so I will not bore you all with the details of me staying mostly at home with the kids.  It was a decent time, and I did get out on Saturday to take the kids to a friends house for a day of fun.  I was even able to bring my juice with me over to his house while he and his wife ate fried chicken! I am sometimes shocked at my willpower.  Though I am hesitant to go to any restaurant where I am not able to order anything.  Just sitting there with water is still pretty difficult.  While they had their chicken I had my juice in hand and it was a very proud moment for me.

Another things I have been proud of throughout these 22 days is that I have not binged.  That is actually what has lead me to this point and back again so many times.  I now know that I am capable of severely reduced amounts of food and coping with my feelings.  I plan to continue to juice fast down well into my 200s once we get some of our September and October traveling out of the way.  I will be juicing in between trips but so many are close together I am not sure how feasible that will be during October.  November should be all good till Turkey Day, and I will break right before that and then get back on the fast after our Vegas trip in the first 4 days of December till Christmas.  My goal for the year is 280 and I think as long as when I am on vacation I keep my portions managed and the rich food to one meal a day.  I know I can do it.

As far as exercise goes I did not get out too much over the weekend, but today (Monday) I went and did a 35 minute treading session at the gym on a treadmill.  After the treadmill I met up with my trainer and did some strength training which still completely drains me!  On to day 23, see you all mañana!

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