Day 18 and 19 – Guess what?

August 24, 2012

No weight lost from yesterday.  I did lose 2.4 pounds the day before so no complaints.  I am fairly happy with how things are going at the moment.  I have hit my stride with the reboot plan I have chosen.  It is working for me and that is really what I need to plow through some of this fat that has taken refuge on my frame.

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day, I had a Naked Juice for breakfast because I got the kids off to school a bit late.  For lunch I had my version of carrot/juice soup which was mighty tasty.  For dinner my wife and I went to see Bert Kreicher in Dayton at the Funny Bone.  Great show and a good time.  I had some miso soup broth as my dinner at an asian place right before we went in.  Not the best day but I will take it.

Today I had peach only juice for breakfast because I was in a rush.  I really like to cut it with other stuff but it was pre-made from juicing the day before so I just downed it.  Lunch was a Naked Juice with some added protein to help me post workout.  Dinner was carrot soup/juice.  Again another tasty yet not perfect juicing day.  Saturday should be all good though.

I did not get to workout on Thursday, but today I biked 9.5 miles at a 12.4MPH pace before I went and did my weight training with a personal trainer.  The biking did not really exhaust me, but the weights just stole all my energy.  It seems like when I get into REAL muscle movement and exhaustion my energy just goes to 0.  All in all it was a great day.

Positive thoughts and actions are helping me along my way.  Onward and Downward.

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