Day 17 – Going in the right direction…

August 23, 2012

Best news of the day when I woke up is that I am down to 326.6!  That is 2.4 pounds from the morning of the day 17.  I am glad to see that I am still going to see some decent surges after my plateaus.  It is really motivating and keeps me on the right track with this sort of diet/reboot.  It is not easy, but one of the great benefits is the fairly consistent drops in my weight.  I have now lost 26.2 pounds as of my 18th morning on this juice/liquid fast.  That is pretty good as far as I am concerned.

I have another 17 days until I officially break this fast as my goal now is to increase my activity and to get myself a little more into the green side of my juices.  I need to up the veggies versus the fruit in my drinks.  Hopefully I can drop another 10-15 pounds in the time I have left and get close to my 300 mark before we go on vacation.

I fully expect that on our vacation in Florida I am going to gain 5 pounds, and to be honest that is probably just going to be my body keeping solid waste in it again.  Yeah I know this is the disgusting part of the blog, but on a juice diet you really are cleaned out in the first 3 days.  Your shit turns to water after awhile with occasional solid waste.  That is the way it is for me at least.  It is pretty disgusting, but it is something people should tell you.  So you’re welcome.  I will consider it a big plus if while breaking my fast for 3-4 days and the 7 days of vacation I can keep my weight gain to 5.  Dream of dreams would be to actually maintain my weight loss.  I do plan on juicing for breakfast most days and eating a light lunch.  I know we are going to have some heavy dinners but with some portion control and some exercise hopefully I can mitigate the damage.

Anyway, onto yesterday and what all happened…  Not much really, the kids were in school so I spent some time relaxing at Starbucks blogging and reading blogs.  I made myself a nice blueberry, peach, orange and apple juice blend for breakfast.  It was pretty tasty, and for lunch I made a blend of oranges, grapes, a TON of carrots and 5 big handfuls of spinach.  I would say it was a 50/50 veggie fruit blend.  It actually wasn’t too bad and I think I am going to start throwing some beets in as well.  Dinner was carrot soup, which was great and pretty filling.

Yesterday I also took some time and did a fast walk around our neighborhood for a total of 2.5 miles of walking.  The weather has been amazing the last few days and I am feeling the need to find a place to hike.  I may try our arboretum out since I have heard that it has some good trails.

One thing I have noticed over the last couple of days I have a desire to cook again.  I have been making club sandwiches for my wife to take to work and really getting into making my kids lunches.  I am not sure if it is the smells that tide me over or what it is, but I am able to cook and not take nibbles.  Quite odd I tell you, quite odd…

Anyway, hope everyone that is reading this is having success in the lifestyle changes.

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  • 1. Kent Moeller  |  August 23, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Excellent blog. Lots of information. Some may say perhaps too much information but I laughed my butt off. Good job Buddy !!!!

    • 2. Dwayne Phillips  |  August 24, 2012 at 6:13 pm

      THanks man, yeah maybe some of that was an overshare, but someone had to do it right?


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