Day 16 – Still going, progress slowing

August 22, 2012

Well the good news is day sixteen went well, and I stayed juicing.  I made some fruit juice in the morning, had some veggie/fruit for lunch and dinner was carrot juice soup.  I woke up this morning and weighed 329 so I am down .8 pounds.  Progress is probably going to continue at the .2-.5 a day mark from here on in and I just need to get used to that.

Last night I juiced about 2 dozen peaches and vacuum sealed the juice in mason jars to use over the next few days.  On Saturday we went to the farmers market and this guy was selling local peaches (which is rare in Indiana) and they were FANTASTIC.  The juice from them is perfect as their ripeness is just on the slightly mushy side.  I think I am going to start pre-juicing to make the process easier and I am going to try to work my 50% veggie/50% fruit juice blends up to 60-80% over the next few days.

Yesterday I felt great and had tons of energy.  My legs are still sore as of this morning from my kettlebell workout on Saturday.  I am going to have to keep up with them so this never happens again.  My mood is great and I am actually much more patient with the kids and driven to do things.  I think it is a mixture of the juice and some medication tweaks.  Staying positive… Onward and Downward!
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