Day 15 Halfway and meh..

August 21, 2012

Feeling kind of blah today for the typical reason when you only consume liquids… My weight did not move yesterday.  I was the same weight today as I have been for the last two days which I know should not bum me out but I feel like a little movement each day is my right considering the liquids I consume.  This is my first two day plateau and I guess it is good practice for the 3, 4 and weeklong plateau that are to come.  This liquid reboot is much easier to take when the scale moves daily (which it ususally does,) but when your wheels just spin it get depressing quickly.

Focusing on the positive in the first half of my 30 day liquid/juice fast I have lost 23 pounds.  It is the beginning of my 16th day and aside from my mild scale depression things are going well.  I am still sore from kettlebell workout on Saturday though!  I have to keep going with them this time so I can just get out of the soreness range.  I only did 2 different exercises 3 times and it has killed me!  I have to say that kettlebell are still the best exercise I have ever done.

Yesterday I did well on food, having a fruit juice for breakfast, a tomato juice soup for lunch and then a carrot juice soup for dinner.  Today I am going to try to get some extra greens in the juice since I know I have been missing out on them the last several days.  Maybe my body will thank me by dropping a pounds or two?

I plan on taking some pictures this evening and possibly doing a quick little recap of the day video.  Hope everyone that is reading this is doing well.  Stay on plan.
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