Day 14 Juicy juice…

August 20, 2012

Well my weight is still moving in the right direction.  Yesterday my weight was 329.6 and today it edged up to 329.8, but I am not really that upset.  I have lost 23 pounds at the beginning of my 15th day and things are still looking pretty good.  I have been able to maintain my 3 juices a day for the last couple of days without many problems.

One of the things I have learned after this many days of fasting is that going without eating and dealing with hunger is becoming much easier.  I am never REALLY crazy hungry, but there are times where I have a small hunger/craving for about 30 minutes.  I usually just drink some water and it goes away.  I am really hoping to use these new skills at coping with hunger pains to allow myself to adequately portion my meals post fast.  I now know how little it takes to fuel me, and when I am back on solids eating half what I used to will hopefully provide only a small challenge.

I had two juices and went out on date night last night and had a miso soup.  Again, I know this is not a juice, and maybe I should change my diet description to juice/liquid (no solids) diet.  Would that make it easier to understand my modifications?  The best part of date night aside from being out with my wonderful wife and some good friends?  I fit into some nice shirts I bought in Vegas with no discomfort.  I have also forgotten to mention that I have dropped a belt loop (yes of the screaming belt loop picture up top.)  I love dropping belt loops!  When I hit 300 I should be down another one.  I am hoping to get through the next loop by the end of my fast.

Anyway, just checking and and things are still going well.  Take care all
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