Days 12 and 13 all mushed together…

August 18, 2012

The last two days have gone by pretty quickly and I was not really able to do any posting yesterday so I thought I would just catch up now at the end of my 13th day.  Yesterday I was visiting a friend that was in Indianapolis and that kept me away most of the day.  I went to a convention with he and his family, which was fun.  I brought a juice with me in the van, but did not drink it until the end of the day while driving home.  So yesterday essentially I had a juice in the morning, a juice at 6 and some carrot juice(soup) at 10.

Today has been pretty good as far as health is concerned.  I woke up and made a fruit juice and then my wife and I went to the gym.  I did about a 2.5 mile walk and did 3 sets of a couple different kettlebell exercise.  I was totally gassed afterwards, and had some tomato+basil+garlic juice(soup) for lunch.  We went to the farmer market after the gym which was great to get more veggies for the old juicer.  The afternoon consisted of target shooting at a friends and I had my dinner a few minutes ago and it was carrot juice(soup) again.

I am finding that I really like warming the juices up and pretending I am having soup.  For some reason it tricks me mentally enough to get a good happy feeling from the meal.  I am going to try to have some zero warm juice days this upcoming week since I do not want to it be too much of a crush, but being happy and on a liquid/juice fast sometimes takes a little tweaking.

My on Friday was down .2 pounds, and today it was down another 2 pounds.  That puts me right at 330.8 pounds, and within striking distance of the 320s!  Gotta keep going!

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