It’s been a long time…

December 23, 2011

Yes I know it has been awhile since I have updated.  The usual lack of motivation excuses are not really part of it this time, and more of they family things to do and Christmas travel/holiday things have been kind of in the way.  Regardless I figured while I had a spare 30 minutes I should at least update some of my progress or lack thereof.

It has been about a week since I updated and as far as working out has gone I have been pretty in line with what my goals were at home.  Last week I worked out 4 of 7 days (1 less then I wanted to) and so far this week I worked out with my trainer on Monday, Tuesday I did solo time at the gym, Wednesday I went to the gym with my wife before we drove down to Kentucky for the Holidays and on Thursday we went and hiked for about 4 miles at the Civil War trail at Fort Boonesbourough state park in Kentucky.

I was really happy to get this hike in considering I have not been on a hike in my native state in over a decade.  The weather was actually great for hiking with a slight chill in the air.  The trail is pretty much straight up for a half mile and then straight back down.  I did not know the trail was only a mile and after taking quite a few pictures on the way up and down I decided we would just do the trail 4 times to get a good workout in.  I walked near 4 miles and I was able to actually sweat through my sweatshirt so I know I burned some mega calories.  That was a good thing considering how much there was to eat in the evening for Christmast dinner 2 of 4.

Food has been up and down for the last week.  Over the weekend I made Christmas cookies to give away as gifts and I ended up snacking on some the the deadly treats.  My wife and went to a Hannakah party on Sunday, on Monday we had a small get together for an ugly christmas sweater themed pot luck, Tuesday was a good day, Wednesday was a huge lunch in Kentucky with my mother who had made some amazing southern food, and finally Thursday was good from breakfast through lunch(subway) but dinner was a huge meal for my wife’s side of the family and there were 5 desserts!  I mean derby (pecan with chocolate) pie, jam cakes, pounds cake with strawberries, chocolate pound cake, bourbon ice cream and peanut butter rolls…  I did ok with the dinner part (though I did go back and have some extra green beans) but I had a little too much bourbon and my decision making for the desserts was impaired.  Today is a new day though right?! Seriously though I just have a few more meals to get through (one I am even cooking) and it is back to the good life as far as meals are concerned.  I have realistically set my goal to lose one pound this week and am hoping that I can exercise my one bad meal a day away.  On today’s schedule is my wife’s uncles christmas luncheon…  Her Aunt makes some amazing buckeye candies though, so ruh roh!

Here is an album of some of the food, and a ton of the family (and the hike.)


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Still moving, and still losing… Can much happen in 6 days?

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