Day 20 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

December 10, 2011

Comments/Thoughts (Friday 12-9-11):

It feels odd to only have today and tomorrow left here at the resort.  I have wanted to be back home since I got here pretty much, missing my wife and kids.  It has been tough to be out here, but it is definitely worth it this time.  I feel stronger physically, and more important I feel better mentally.  Today I was a little sad that Kim and Sean sat the hike out.  Kim has some problems with her leg, and Sean has something wrong with his inner ear right now so they took the hike off.  The good thing about the hike today was I heard they were offering Camelback as a hike for a different van then the one I was in.  I asked if I could move to that van and there was a little trepidation since it was considered on of the beginning hiking vans and I was coming in from advanced, but I promised I just really wanted to see the hike and promised I would take  pictures and not spread the group out.  It turned out great and I really enjoyed the people I hiked with.  I stayed with the group, took pictures and got to do some really cool things on the hike.  Camelback is super short, but it is gorgeous.  I survived the day and had a great time in the evening playing catch phrase with some new people I had not had a chance to really talk to here.  It was a great time and a good relief of my final hard day of activity.


As I mentioned I hiked Camelback, and though it wasn’t too difficult I am sure I still burned 800-1100 calories.  After lunch I played over an hour of badminton which was nice.  I took two Zumba classes and soaked my shirt through and through.  Doing another circuit class before I went home sounded like torture.  I am going to be in the gym constantly doing that myself so it felt good to do something different and getting a great calorie burn.  It is a fun class, especially were almost everyone is at your level doing it.




Breakfast was French Toast with eggs and sausage.  It is a pretty good breakfast, but the toast was a little dry.  Lunch was roasted red repper soup, and a chinese chicken salad.   The soup was good, but the salad was fantastic!  It has a cream ginger dressing and I ate it really slow with chopsticks and got super full.  Dinner was a meatball sandwich, which was really dry without enough marinara.  It was just ok, but dessert was the parfait which is OUTSTANDING.  It may be better to me then the strawberries!



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