Day 19 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

December 8, 2011

Comments/Thoughts (Thursday 12/8/11):

It feels surreal that I only have today, tomorrow and Saturday and it is home to my family.  I have missed them ever since I left this time.  I am not sure I am cut out to be away for them more than a few days.  This trip to the resort has been challenging for me in a different way then the two other trips.  This time I came to the resort to try to get my head and feelings in order.  I did not come here to learn how to work out or prove that I can.  I did not come here to learn how to cook, or how or what to eat.  I came here to tackle the things that cause me the most problems, and those are the emotions and the why’s of my eating.  I have done three sessions with the life coach here, Jen, and she has really helped me out.  I have put in a ton of good work on changing my beliefs that cause me to eat, rather then simply working on the behaviors that are triggered by those false beliefs about myself.  I feel like I am going to be able to go home and be strong this time, and continue to have some success on this journey to wellness I have taken on.

Anyway, time to digress a little and talk about today.  Once again today I was reminded by what great friends you can make in such a positive environment.  Sean and Kim were on the hike today once again with me and just having them around makes my hikes go by so much faster.  Today we did the Saddle hike which has a CRAZY climb in the beginning of it, but I made it up in about 40 minutes which is great.  We actually finished the entire hike today by 10:07am and had an extra 23 minutes which we spent walking down the trail of another hike (stop sign.)  It is such a great feeling watching yourself get stronger the more you push yourself through the hikes and in the gym.  Your body is truly an amazing thing, and when you press it you find out how strong it and you are.



I did the Saddle hike today and as I mentioned above it is a very challenging hike, but I kicked its’ arse.  I spent my after lunch hour free time playing badminton with some great people.  After that I went to me session with my life coach so I ended up skipping ball works today.  I did go to my treading class, and after that class instead of going to pool or stretch I spent about 25 minutes on the elliptical making up for some of what I missed out on today and yesterday.  I felt great and my ankle is actually feeling better.


Today was a simple breakfast of eggs and toast for me, nothing too fancy.  Lunch was tortilla soup and I opted to not have the turkey sandwich and went with the tuna salad on a bagel.  I love that substitution and am glad they added in since my time in Malibu.  For dinner I had Waldorf Salad which is essentially chicken salad on bibb lettuce leaves, or in other words chicken salad lettuce wraps.  They were pretty good, but I really was craving something warm since it is so cold here.  The dessert was the pineapple skewer which is one of the least impressive desserts.


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