Day 18 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

December 8, 2011

Comments/Thoughts (Wednesday 12/7/11):

The hike we went on today was actually not too difficult, but the rewarding scenery at the end was amazing.  The hike is called Red Mountain and you walk through a windy trail that is covered with loose rocks, and then all sand at the end.  It is not a very difficult trail incline wise but you have to keep watching your feet because of all the rock.  At the end of the trail you get an overlook view of all of West Canyon and it is breathtaking.  I have to say it is the best view I have seen since I have been here and that is really saying something since there are so many beautiful hikes.  We did get a little lost on our way back to the van and took a few wrong turns.  I am not sure I would feel comfortable doing this hike without a guide, but I really want to take my wife on this one.  My day went well, and I feel like I may have taken it a little too easy today since there was no badminton offered.  Today there was a Zumba class offered after lunch and I opted to wash my clothes and mail a couple of boxes home so my suitcase would close easier.  It was good to get organized, but I missed that extra calorie burn.  Sean, Kim and I decided that since our dinner was 600+ calories for the evening at the resort and we are going to Vegas on Saturday as I leave that we should skip out and make Wednesday our sushi night.  For roughly the same calories we get an amazing treat, and we get out of our little resort jail.  We had a great time and I even got some Starbucks which made me very chatty when I got to talk to my wife.  It was definitely a good mental/emotional day for me, but I already feel like part of me has checked out of the resort.  I have grown to love it here in Utah, and the trainers and staff seem closer and closer to family the longer I stay.


I mentioned the Red Mountain hike above, and even though there was not much incline/decline we did go a decent distance and got a good calorie burn.  My only other activities for the day were two Kickboxing classes which caused my to have a soaking wet shirt and be exhausted!  Sharon runs a mean kickboxing class, and I know my calorie burn in there is off the chart.  I stretch out in the hot tub instead of doing the final stretch class of the day, and that really does help my sore ankle.




For breakfast I hard a great english muffin with turkey sausage, eggs and veggies.  Lunch was french onion soup and a turkey Mediterranean pita.  The pita was great and filling and the soup was really food fixed up with a little extra pepper and some hot sauce.  The dinner offered was a salmon filet with couscous, and it was 604 calories!  We opted to spend our 600 calories on Sushi instead and how we did that is we each ordered 1 sushi roll, and I had a small bowl of hot and sour soup.  I also did not have any hard boiled eggs today just in case our sushi was 700 instead of 600 which is possible.  It was a great time with some great friends and better to have it a few days before I weigh in and get that soy sauce/salt sweated out of my system!


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