Day 10 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

November 30, 2011


Another Tuesday down, and just one more to go.  It was a good but very challenging day for me.  I hit a wall today in my second workout session and it was hard just to survive the class.  After the initial rush of feeling better on Monday I kind of crashed today.  The good news is I survived, but I wish I could have given it a little more in my classes.  My hike today was very challenging, and I hiked close to 8 miles of tough terrain.  The hike is called White Rock and it has several steep inclines and tons of sand (did I mention it was also almost 8 miles long?)  My hiking group this week is great once again, and Kim and Lynne are pretty much with me the whole hike which is good.  It is nice to have a group that is close together sometimes so you can talk each other through the hike.  All in all, good day, but just happy to make it past it.


As I mentioned today’s hike was White Stones and was an incredible workout.  After lunch I did open Gym and played Badminton which was actually really hilarious considering the group of people we got together to play.  Sean and Kim were there today and it was a blast and we burned a few calories during it I am sure.  The three classes of the day were Circuit Intervals, Total Toning and Deep Water Suspension.  I did well in intervals, but in total toning I hit a huge wall and was not really able to use the weights and move around like I would have expected.  I was not sure I was going to make it through the class at a couple of points and had to slow down because I felt dizzy.



Breakfast was eggs and toast for me once again instead of the smoothie they served.  I guess it could just be mental but it just does not seem that a smoothie is going to keep me going for 8 miles.  Lunch was a curried squash soup which I added some sriracha to and made really tasty.  We also had a sloppy joe for lunch and I also added some hot sauce and ketchup to it to keep it interesting.  Dinner was chicken breast with roasted brussel sprouts on spaghetti squash with a little marinara sauce.  It was a great dinner and I think that was one of my favorites.  I have stopped eating the optional salads and have cut myself down to 1 of the 2 hard boiled eggs a day.  Also, I have started trying to put my fork down in between bites and drinking water to slow myself down.  I think I will have that habit down by the time I go home and that will definitely be a good thing because sometimes I feel like I am a food vacuum once I sit down to eat.


I just wanted to send a shout out to my friend Louis who has been part of this struggle with me since we met during my last visit to the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.  The day before yesterday Louis posted a video of me doing sit ups on the beach in a personal training group session we had with Sam Poueu on a Malibu Beach.  I have been thinking quite a bit about Sam, Louis and all the people that have helped me through my journey, the ups and downs, and how much they all mean to me with their continued support.  I feel like I am just getting back on my feet, and this time I have the strength to stay there.  I should mention that the sand is on a huge incline and we have all been going crazy fast thanks to Sam in a ton of other workouts before the point of this video.  Also, Louis is the guy encouraging me and standing of my feet.  It is embarrassing to watch myself screaming, but here it is: Or click this link to go to YouTube.




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Day 9 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah. Day 11 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

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  • 1. Louis  |  November 30, 2011 at 1:53 pm


    You have the strength in you to get to your goals, incremental progress leads to significant results. Temporrary set backs are exactly that temporary, keep making small steps towards your goals and eventually you will wake up in a size 32 pant.

    Frustrations happen, disappointments happen don’t ever lose sight of yourself or the goal, this is not a journey my friend it’s an evolution of who you are because you can’t continue to be the same person and expect to stay leaner, you have to better than you are today, and more of the person you always knew you could be, a journey implies an end, this is for your life man, keep evolving, and be the man you know you are…

    Evolve everyday and find yourself in place you knew you deserved to live in, perfection is unattainable but by pursuing perfection along the way you will find yourself squarely in the realm of excellence.


    • 3. Dwayne Phillips  |  December 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm

      Very much so! Keep em coming I love that!


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