Day 9 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

November 28, 2011


It is nice to finally be blogging about days as I have done them.  Today was assessment hike day where we are loaded up and show the hiking guides our relative speed/comfort on hikes.  It is a good process and gets you into a van with relatively  speedy hikers.  It is great to have groups that are tighter together and finish at about the same time and they do a pretty good job of getting us put in the correct vans after this day.   The hike today was called Wall Street and it was gorgeous.  I have to say I hated the first part of the hike simply because there was a ton of sand.  Sand is not fun to hike on at my weight (or any really) since I sink in and get it all in my shoes and socks and it is just hard to move through period.  That all being said once we were past the sand the rock formations we climbed through and over were amazing and I got some great pictures and a truly great workout.  I was at the front of the pack in a small group of three.  It was Kim, Lynne and I moving right along, and I was glad to be with them.  Kim was in my van last week and it is so nice to have her in my van this week and on the assessment hike.


As mentioned above we hiked Wall Street today which was a fantastic workout.  I came back from that and did a life coaching course instead of stretch.  After that we played badminton in the gym for 45 minutes and then went to the afternoon classes.  The afternoon classes I went to were Core, and then I want to two Circuit classes instead of going to pool.  I really want to get more calories burned so I think I am going to mix it up this week with extra non pool classes.  I did a great job in both classes and have nothing but good feelings about my performance.




Breakfast was english muffin with bacon and eggs!  I think that is probably my favorite breakfast.  Lunch was a really good turkey rice bowl and vegetable soup.  I added some broccoli, sprouts and carrots to the soup and that turned out really well.  The turkey rice bowl actually had a citrusy type gravy with it which was surprisingly good.  They hit a home run with that lunch in my opinion.  Dinner was chili and cornbread with a pineapple skewer for dessert.  That is a fantastic meal and I have doted on it previously in my Malibu blog posts.  It is one of the best dinners bar none!




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Day 8 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah. Day 10 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

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